SL Bloggers Group on Facebook and Contest!

Skyla Tunwarm started a Facebook group back a bit ago called: SL Bloggers Group. It’s gaining momentum on the social network. It’s a place where you can join and post your blog posts almost like you would a feed. If you’re interested in joining and have a Facebook account, you can join by clicking: HERE

Also! She’s running a Halloween Photo Contest!
There’s also a Linden Prize!

Although it’s short notice – we thought we’d share. All entries must include:

Blog must be in a Halloween theme
One Entry per person
To enter simply like this post and when your blog is ready post in the comments here.
All entries must be in by the 24th October.

Any Questions Message Skyla Tunwarm.

Truth & Perception

The French writer Gustave Flaubert wrote “there is no truth; there is only perception.” A while ago, someone told me that a close friend of theirs referred to me as “the girl that uses the boob gif in plurk”. Initially I laughed than after more questioning was told how “people” and “everyone” perceived me. To this I laughed and brushed it off,
because I don’t waste time, nor energy about myself with what or how people choose to perceive me. I stated this and said I doubt anyone worries about how others choose to view them, as opinions are like assholes: we all have them.

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The Inkwell- A NEW Live Music Venue!

We all get in ruts in SL, I think. I know a lot of bloggers and creators who admit to spending most of their SL time alone on a platform in the sky. Maybe that’s you. Maybe you’ve just been doing the same thing every day for a while now- same people, same things, same places. Some days (or weeks on end) I see no more of SL than the stores I shop in, the places I take photos and my own skybox. My communication is limited to IMs while I edit photos and type up my oh-so-eloquent (lolright) blogposts.

One thing that gets me out of my antisocial zone is music. I love going to a good DJ set or seeing live musicians in SL. I always feel a little less awkward joining in conversations and meeting new people in those atmospheres. If not for music in SL, I would probably have no friends at all to be honest. Every place I call “home” in SL, I found while using search and TPing around randomly. I popped in and there was music and cool people and I stayed.

TPing randomly is actually what brought me to The Inkwell. I was immediately charmed by the building and decor. It’s very eclectic and open. There’s a coffee bar and comfy chairs and a dock and a lovely scenic lawn. (you can see all these photos larger on my Flickr)

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After camming around,  I got to meet the lovely Jessyca Teardrop! We are actually friends on Plurk, so it was like, “Hey! Don’t I know you?” We got to chatting and she told me all about the place. She snagged her partner, Jennifer Python, as well, so I could get the whole story! I love to know the people behind the places. I hope you do, too. I decided to do this interview style, so read on!

Jennifer Python: Owner

Jessyca Teardrop: Manager/Builder

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