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Where do we go now

Another day, another event. Atleast that’s what it feels like sometimes, doesn’t it? What oh what can a blogger do to keep up? Look no further!
Where do we go now
We have been working on our overview of current events. Before, we had a calendar, but it got so crowded that we decided to split it up in seperate pages. We made pages for weekliesbi-weeklies and (bi-)monthlies. Those events are considered minor events. Events that happen every three months or more are listed on the major events page. New events (minor or major) can be added by filling in this form.
We hope these pages help you! As usual, we’re open to your comments.
And happy shopping ;-)

Hair: Anessa – Truth
Skin: Shanna – Glam affair [Collabor88: 8th September - 6th October]
Eyes: Stella eyes n4 – Glam affair
Lashes: Mesh lashes v.01 – Beetlebones
Necklace: Pearl and silver collar – Paper couture
Dress: Strapless dress – Coco
Notebook: Flutterkins – Flowey [Collabor88: 8th September - 6th October]
Pen: Tiffany – Flowey [Collabor88: 8th September - 6th October]
Shoes: Lauren D’Orsay – Gos
Pose: In the flash – Flowey [Using Tillie's posestand]
Slurls and designer info.

Why I don’t read your blog, part 1: the credits

Having to set up a new reader (because Google killed off their reader), I went through alot of blogs, to add some new ones to my reader but also to clear out some blogs I didn’t like anymore. And I thought it would be nice if I shared some of the reasons why I don’t read a blog.
This may come as a shock to you, but I don’t read your blog because you’re a special little snowflake. I read it for inspiration, to keep up with new releases and events. So credits are a big flippin’ deal to me. 

Yes, credits are hard and not much fun, but it’s part of the job. Luckily there are a few tricks that could make your life easier.
* In the official viewer, you can copy a list of everything you are wearing (clothing, tattoos, prims, huds, …) to your clipboard [Right click on yourself - Select my appearance - Pick the 'Wearing' tab - Click on the wheely thingy on the bottom left of the window - Select 'Copy outfit list to clipboard']. This list can be copied in your blog text. I advise you to edit the list a bit, to make sure your credits are clear and consistent. Also, I don’t really need to know how many alpha layers you are wearing. (If you are using another viewer, this may or may not be possible for you)
* Some viewers offer a ‘Worn’ tab in your Inventory window. This gives you a clear overview of what you are wearing.
* You can set up a fixed list in your blogposts for you to fill. For example: pose(s); body stuff: hair, skin, eyes, lashes, make up, nails; clothing stuff: jacket, necklace,  top, bracelet, dress, skirt/pants, socks, shoes; location. Blogger allows you to set up a template. Everytime you start a new posts, the fixed text is there. I also keep my eyes and lashes in there, because they hardly ever change.
In WordPress, you can copy a post that you set up with your template post.
The above tips work best in fashion blogging. For furniture posts, there aren’t any tricks as you can’t copy a list of things you have rezzed. Keeping a template for you to fill in could work, but the variety of items is so much bigger that I choose not to do that. I work from left to right, starting out with bigger furniture pieces, then smaller decor and finishing with the house or background. As I write down the item, I remove it from the set, so I can keep track of what I covered.

Which method of crediting you use is not important, but please just use one. Keep it logic, keep it simple. Also, if you have any other tips, please share in the comments!

How to quickly lose a few k in your inventory

So. This is how my (blog)poses are sorted. (also note the artistic angle on the picture)
How to quickly lose a few k in your inventory2
As you can see, there are 10 stands, numbered for easy use (and obviously, I use Tillie’s posestands). Nrs 1 – 6 are all standing poses, grouped by creator, that I use for blogging. I try to keep a maximum of 300ish poses per stand. In nr 7, I have (static) poses that express some kind of movement (flying, dancing, …), nr 8 has sitting/laying/… poses, nr 9 has boy poses and nr 10 is where I keep the poses for special avatars (hamster, mermaid, …).
By only keeping them in posestands, I have seriously reduced my inventory count. (When on location, I can rez or wear a certain posestand to pose)
How to quickly lose a few k in your inventory
But here is where I am stuck. Should I organize my standing poses into more sets? Per creator? Or per style (leaning poses, bending poses, facing away poses, …)? Or should I throw around my whole system? Are there posestands that will sort all your poses for you so you don’t have to fill your pretty head with all these questions?
How do you keep your poses sorted? Please share your tips!

Pose: Bag lady II 3 – aDORKable poses [Using Tillie's posestand]
Hair: Pandora – Truth
Skin: Thursday – Essences
Eyes: Stella eyes n4 – Glam affair
Lashes: Mesh lashes v.01 – Beetlebones
Nails: Classic nails spring/summer 2013 – Izzie’s
Dress: Odette – Teefy [Fameshed - May]
Shoes: Mae – Gos
Slurls and designer info here.