#5 Smile

I was looking for some place to take a blog post the other day and I’ve seen this beautiful sim featured in so many flickrs and blog posts that I couldnt resist checking it out. It all starts with a Smile is the brain child of Kaelyn Alecto and is a really beautiful sim for bloggers, photographers and explorers to visit! Look at the pictures and check it out for yourself <3



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#4 Nostos Deer

Im a bit early this week for my Location Spotlight but I took these photos yesterday and couldn’t wait to post them! This week I am showing off the beautiful sim of Nostos Deer. I really love this sim and do take quite alot of photographs here ever since I discovered it. One of the nicest parts is that if you go down to the river it rains!

Hope you enjoy!! Have any of you ever taken photos at Nostos Deer? If you have please share them in the comments :)
If you are lucky you might get another post from me on my usual day! :-)
Click on the pics to make them bigger.. etc etc


Nostos Deer

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