Major Events Within Second Life

List of events within Second Life that Bloggers may be interested in such as applying for or noting in their calendars. All will be updated on a regular basis. Event coordinators who want to be listed, please apply: HERE.

Second Life Event Calendar – Hosted by Sanura Snowpaw / To Submit Event: Apply Here

Hunt SL – Hosted by Rosamoo Mendlesohn & Xia Nishi / List of current hunts and submission to set up a hunt to be posted can be found on their blog.

Hunting SL – Hosted by Alianna Logan and Alon Alphaville / Second Life Fashion Feed as well as listing of events and hunts.

Blogging Second Life – Hosted by Evelyn Harshton and Cajsa Lilliehook / A complete working of events, monthlies and discounts.

Month of June 2014
Summerfest ’14 – Hosted by PILOT, Floorplan, & / SLURL / June 22nd through July 13th
The Arcade – Hosted by Octagons Yazimoto & Katherine McGinnis / SLURL / June 1st through June 30th
Fashion For Life – Cajsa Lillihook / SLURL / June 7th through 20th
Tales of Fantasy - Hosted by Taiinted Resident / SLURL / June 10 through 30th

Month of July 2014
Hair Fair 2014 - Sasy Scarborough / SLURL / July 12th through July 27th
Nerdapalooza - Hosted by Azlyn Shamrock and Caronwynn Chau / SLURL / July 6th through July 12th
ROMP. - Hosted by Rompfaire Resident, Davie Frequency, and Sheridansnow Resident / SLURL / July 15th though July 29th

Month of August 2014


16 thoughts on “Major Events Within Second Life

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    • Do you mean events such as Relay For Life, or ones that raise money for awareness? Since most of our readers are bloggers, it’s helpful for them to know where to “shop”. If there are major events such as art exhibits, etc – we’d love to know!

      • Actually, no. RFL has a lot of press already as do many inworld charities. I’m looking for discussions about events that are:
        1. Not the announcement of a sale or new product (completely non-commercial)
        2. Potentially an event that anyone can attend, and that may be ongoing
        3. Any event that is something beyond “dj-hosted dance” in nature such as a performance, show, special game, or even a costumed ball.

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