The Writer’s Block – A New Type of Challenge

I know I’ve spoken about it before – prior to Second Life “blogging” I did “real life” blogging on the platform of MySpace. This was back in the day when MySpace was very popular (sorry kiddos – no Facebook) and the blogsphere was HUGE. I came about this place through a friend who told me that I should really check it out and possibly begin to show some of my work. So I stepped forward and did just that. After about six months of blogging, commenting, following others, debating, writing, expressing opinions and all sorts of other extra crazy things – I landed a rather huge following. The ride was fun, turbulent, and unexpected. Yet, I learned something during this time. I learned how to be a better writer. I got critiqued. I got slammed. I received praise and I received drawbacks. Yet through it all – I was WRITING.

So – you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. During my time there I started a challenge with another blogger (who is still a good friend of mine) called “The Writer’s Block”. Yes, I’m using the same title again because this is what is symbolized. There are days when those of us who do like to write get stuck. We’re at a loss for words. This happens A LOT. One of the benefits to Second Life is the fact that we can take pictures to vocalize those words that we cannot seem to get out. Whiskey Monday does this with her challenge of Single Frame Stories (something I really need to start doing) and others do it through many other challenges that you can find through the [SL] Blogger Support website. (We keep a list handy. If you know of anymore challenges, please fill out the application!)

The idea of this challenge is to reach out to those who do like to write AND take pictures in Second Life. You may be a fashion blogger, but you really want to try something different or you just take pictures and never really know what to say – so here’s your chance.

The rules are pretty much simple:

1. The Writer’s Block will begin every 1st and 15th of the month.
It’s a bi-weekly (almost) challenge that allows you the time to write,
express and showcase your work.
Topics will be posted the day prior to the 1st and 15th.
I will be posting them here on my blog.
2. There will be four topics chosen. You are allowed to write in prose, poetry, short story, erotica, or argumentative essay and pick only ONE of the topics.
3. Since this is a Second Life Challenge, pictures are to be incorporated. Limit: four pictures. This is a written challenge as well, not just pictures.
4. Blog posts are to be linked to the topic blog (aka here) so we can all read.
Also, there is a Flickr Group made to post all your pictures! Please utilize it HERE
5. The bi-weekly challenge will close on the eve of the day before the new post. At that time, no more admissions for that segment will be excepted.
Why? A prize will be given to four people, one from each topic.
I will award them with a linden prize.
6. I really hate to say it, but DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. I will check.
I know how to Google (and use other tools).
7. This is not a PG Challenge. If you want to get dirty – do it! If the work is violent – that’s fine too. It’s about expression.
8. Link and credit. We still want to give props to the creators.
9. Have fun.
10. Enjoy what people have written.

And that’s it for now. Stay tuned for the topics. I will post them later today.
Any questions, please IM me in world on Katya Valeska or email me at You can find all my info in the Social section of my blog.

For credits and landmarks, see below <3

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Neva River Sim Photography Challenge

Neva Crystall
and Alex Bader are hosting a wonderful Photography Challenge! If you love to take landscape photos in Second Life and enjoy playing with windlighting and angles, I highly suggest checking this challenge out. Neva has opened her sim up to the public again for the next two weeks, so the time is short! Good luck to you all!

Information about the challenge can be found on Neva’s blog
To join the Flickr Group:HERE
To check out the sim: Neva’s Sim

SL Bloggers Group on Facebook and Contest!

Skyla Tunwarm started a Facebook group back a bit ago called: SL Bloggers Group. It’s gaining momentum on the social network. It’s a place where you can join and post your blog posts almost like you would a feed. If you’re interested in joining and have a Facebook account, you can join by clicking: HERE

Also! She’s running a Halloween Photo Contest!
There’s also a Linden Prize!

Although it’s short notice – we thought we’d share. All entries must include:

Blog must be in a Halloween theme
One Entry per person
To enter simply like this post and when your blog is ready post in the comments here.
All entries must be in by the 24th October.

Any Questions Message Skyla Tunwarm.