Challenges and Contests, oh my!

Everyone like’s a good challenge now and then and here at the [SL] Support Blog we’re trying to keep up to date with the new and fun inspiration challenges that can get you going. There is an amass array of different types of challenges but without going into so many different ones, I’m just going to point you in the general direction and point out a couple!

First off is the newest challenge from Shiloh Selene called “Fifty Shades of Sexy”, inspired by Gogo’s “12 Days of Lingerie” – this challenge will focus on the sexy of course! Starting January 13th and lasting 50 weeks, you’re inspired to be as sensual, sexy, and seductive as possible! For more information, take a look at her blog! Flickr group is HERE.

Next is the newest craze that is taking over for Sookie Treillis called “The Twisted Color Challenge”. With Luna Jubilee’s “52 Weeks of Color Challenge” finally ending, Sookie took over the reigns and twisted it up a notch. Here you’ll find a new twisted color pattern for each week. Blogs are posted on Sunday, same as Luna’s. You can check out her blog for more information and join the Flickr group HERE!

Next is Lucie Bluebird’s challenge called: “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow”. You know how we do! So many different hairstyles we’ve accumulated over the years starts to add up! So get into those folders and start re-using. For more information on this challenge, check out Lucie’s blog and join the Flickr group HERE!

Lastly, Oakley Foxtrot pushes us to look back and check out our past. “Blast from the Past” is stepping back into those first few days/weeks of blogging. If you have it – find the very first outfit and picture you did for blogging and recreate. For more information, check out her blog and join the Flickr group HERE!

There are plenty of different challenges going about – for the ongoing google document to gander at you can view them here. All information is provided.

To add your own – APPLY HERE.

Happy Challenges Peeps! <3

Raid Your Closet Challenge is BACK!

Lucie asked me if I would post this for you bloggers and here you go! I’m taking her own words and showing you the awesome new challenge that you can sink your teeth into! Enjoy fellow peeps! Let the Raid begin!

Dear Shopping Addict,

I, like many in SL, have a rather vast inventory of things I buy and then never even wear or use once! I created this Flickr challenge last year called the Raid Your Closet Challenge (RYCC for short). My blog was born of this challenge, and I (and the people who did it with me) had a lot of fun, so I thought I’d do it again as a formal blogger challenge. You are more than welcome to join in via Flickr or Plurk if you do not blog.

Here’s the catch:

You can’t buy ANYTHING new for these pics. It all must be stuff you own as of September 30th! Now, by all means, I don’t expect us shopaholics to go cold turkey. So feel free to shop anyway. But you can’t use those items in the pics for this challenge.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to wear something different for each look. You can have “exceptions,” like if you always wear the same skin or shape or eyelashes. Just state those in your very first post.

Here’s a list of my personal exceptions:
My wedding ring
My shape (though I may wear a different one, who knows?)

You can set up your own exceptions… as long as you follow the main rules… a new look each week, and you must have owned every item in the picture before October 1st.

The When & Where

On your blog, Flickr &/or Plurk

Starting Monday, October 1st… and every Monday in October, for a total of 5 pics/looks/posts.

Are you up for the challenge??? If you are, then let’s raid our “closets” together!

Lucie on Plurk

RYCC Flickr Group

Lucie’s Blog


Going Ons

Hey all! 

So a lot of stuff has been happening and this blog has gradually started to take off and expand just a bit. There is plenty of more work to be done on it but I wanted to sit back and highlight a few things:

As time goes on, these pages will fill up and become an ongoing resource for all of you. If you find anything that can be added to these pages, please let me know or someone from the Support Team.

One of the ideas that was brought up was the Destinations document that was started a bit back. I had originally left the google document open for everyone to use and add to, but unfortunately – I didn’t back it up and everything got screwed up. If you check the page where locations is, you’ll find new information on how to add a new place. Everyone can view the document still, but not add to it. I hope that this doesn’t inconvenience people too much.

Last but not least: 

We’re looking for contributors to write a few blog posts for the [SL] Blogger Support blog. What we’re looking for is those of you who are willing to write like ‘mini’ articles on blogging, fashion, events, photography, photoshop, etc. Also, interviews with designers as well! It can be anything that really relates to blogging in general that will help you and your fellow bloggers, as well as bring discussions around.

The articles can be posted on your own blog, but you will have author rights on the Support blog to post as well. If you are interested in this, please fill out the application and we’ll contact you on the set up.

Application is HERE

On that note, Happy Blogging Everyone!