Blogging Etiquette: To send or not

blog_logoBefore I get started, this is more of an opinion blog than anything. What I say, is foremost my own opinion. Whether you chose to agree with me or not is up to you, but these are my thoughts.

Here in the support group, we use this blog to promote bloggers in Second Life. These bloggers are from different areas and not only are they fashion related, but they are also people who do not blog fashion but use Second Life as a creative outlet for their art. So in a way, we are all bloggers but we are all different. Of course, in looking at this site you would really take note that we do cater a lot to those within the fashion industry of Second Life. We’re proud of this fact and encourage bloggers 100%. Those of us here take the time to gather information for everyone. We take the time to find out about upcoming events, coordinators that are looking for bloggers and designers that are looking for bloggers. Since we do that, we make it easy for designers who are looking to connect with bloggers and it also helps designers from getting un-necessary notecards from bloggers when they are not looking for bloggers at that time or at all.

One of the things that I find is that the biggest thing that disgruntles designers are those who completely disregard what they have stated in their profile and/or on their blog that at the moment they are not accepting bloggers. This means those notecards that get sent, may or may not get looked at.

To be honest, if you’re a blogger and you’ve never blogged an item (or even more than two items) in which you are sending a notecard too – it’s not appropriate. Bloggers are not entitled to review copies just because they like something. Nor should they ask a designer for a review copy just because. If you really like what a designer is showcasing, then go out and purchase the item to blog. Designers love it when you blog their items just because you really like the items.

It’s really quite simple: Blogging is about enjoyment. Yes, it’s nice to get on a “list” or blog for certain designers. It’s great fun to blog for events. But a lot of those who have been blogging a long time will tell you the same thing: Work for it. Blogging isn’t about getting “free” items.

If you know that a designer is accepting blogger notecards (which Valena posted a really good blog post on and how to do your “resume“), follow their instructions from within their profile and/or blog. Most often you will find out a designer is looking for bloggers either through the support group here, Blogging Second Life, Plurk and Flickr.

Spotlight: Matchbook Monday

Can you tell us something about yourself?

Eek! This is where shy Me takes over and I’m rendered wordless. Not sure. I’m a drumming ex-Chef turned self-taught web/gui/SL chickypoo who is, I’m sure,  prematurely bald from trying to learn all there is to learn both in SL, graphics and else.

How long have you been an SL resident? Why did you join?

Since April 20th, 2009. Felicity Winslet. Owned the long-defunct jewelry store “Mariposa”. Closed in I think mid or late 2010.

Poster - Now

How did you start making jewelries/accessories in SL?

I think it’s a long history of preferring anything that required more than a measure of intricacy, accuracy. Not sure what this is. This is why games like pool and billiards appeal to me, as well. Darts. Things that others might see and say, “Whoa” to. As a kid I made a toothpick house. Glued, cut-to-whatever-was-needed-sizes, sized, scaled and so forth. I was young, and all I recall, making it, was just wanting to make anyone who saw it say “Holy.. I couldn’t do that.” or “I sure don’t have the patience for that.” I liked that feeling, though not sure why. If I am lucky, sometime, someone might think that of something I’ve made.

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