What is in a Name?

I’ve been thinking long and hard on this: What exactly is in a name? I don’t mean the one we carry in “real life” but the one’s we give ourselves in Second Life to showcase who we are and what we’re about. We name our avatars, our pets, our homes, our land, our stores and our designs. We even name our blogs – which is for us bloggers a huge thing, because a good name will stand out in the crowd.

Choosing my blog name was easy: I wanted simple. I wanted to use my nickname. It’s no secret that my “main” avi’s name is Douleur and for about seven years now I’ve been called Dou (this ongoing from The Sims Online, MySpace – to Second Life and even Twitter on my RL account.) Hence: “Simply Dou” was born. As for Katya, she was originally meant to be an avi I made for a friend that was to play in Second Life. She wanted a Russian name and for her to be blonde. I did all those things, but my friend never actually came into Second Life so Katya became mine and Katy came to be.

So – about these names. How did you choose your name for yourself? 

  • Was it similar to your real name?
  • Did you care really what it would be?
  • Do you wish you could change it? (Yes, I know we have a feature to display change our name, but really – people can still see when your first name was sexymissbarbie gossipgirl.)

I bet we all have a bunch of stories! Hope you’ll share yours.

What's in a Name

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