Designer Dish: Carrie Snowpaw

Carrie Snowpaw’s name is synonymous with creativity and elegance. Her Snowpaws designs are feminine, flowy and fabulous. I had the good fortune of meeting Carrie at a Flutter Fashionistas meeting for Petites a few weeks ago, and I’m not gonna lie, I was star struck and a little tongue tied, but she couldn’t have been nicer. She was so awesome, in fact, that she agreed to be my first Designer Dish interview for [SL] Blogger Support! Behold!

Carrie Snowpaw

Carrie Snowpaw | Snowpaws

Shiloh: Well, I guess I’m going to start with the obvious questions 🙂 how long have you been designing in SL, and what inspired you to do so?

Carrie: I first became interested in sl clothing after being here for several months. I loved buying clothes but was never quite satisfied with what I had bought. I always thought I would like my outfit better if this part were different or that part was shorter. So that dissatisfaction is what put the idea in my mind. Why purchase clothes that I want to change? Just make the outfit I really want!

So I started trying to learn. That was over three years ago and there were several false starts before I produced anything that I wasn’t embarrassed to wear. I started with no skills at all – i could barely rez and move a prim. So it was a very steep learning curve. Luckily I had (and still have) some wonderfully supportive and encouraging friends who cheered me on and even wore my first not so great outfits. After several painful months I finally starting making pieces I was happy with and put them out for sale in December 2009. I don’t think I sold any of them, but that wasn’t really the point. The point was the creative challenge, learning the skills here to be able to make the outfit i had in my mind.

Shiloh: Did you have graphic or design experience before this?

Carrie: Yes, I studied fine arts, printmaking and graphic design. And I have been creating, drawing and designing my entire life.

Shiloh: What is your favorite thing about designing clothes in a virtual world?

Carrie: When an outfit I am working on finally clicks – that moment when it finally becomes a creation I imagined it could be at the beginning. For me, making a dress is like painting a painting. I have an idea at the beginning but I have to go through the process, the journey before it becomes what it is supposed to be. That moment is golden. But I guess that can be applied to any world, not just the virtual ones. The advantage of designing virtually is that I am not limited by any physical constraints. I don’t have to go looking for the right materials. I can make what I want and need. If I can imagine it, then I can probably construct it.

Shiloh: You recently started designing for Petite avatars, and your outfits translate beautifully! What made you decide to add Petites to your line?

Carrie: I decided I wanted to do petite clothing the moment I saw my first petite. Petite avatars are magical and I love them.

Shiloh: Is it harder to create for Petites? I mean, they’re so small! Working with the prims must be challenging!

Carrie: Thats very true and it is a challenge. Of course prims can be reduced, but they dont’ always reduce in the same way they were originally made. So often I will remake or change an outfit from its original large size so that it works better on a petite.

Shiloh: Well, we are a network of bloggers, so I think what everyone would like to know is what do you think makes a good blogger? What do you look for in bloggers that support your brand?

Carrie: A very important quality for a good blogger, in my opinion, is the ability to take great photographs. A great picture of an outfit can say more than any words. So I look for good photographic artistic skills.

Shiloh: Ok, now for the most important questions you’ll ever be asked!

Name your favorite:

  • Ice Cream – chocolate
  • RL designer – Monique Lhuillier for her beautiful gowns – Herve Leger for his sexy formfitting dresses. I want one.
  • Song – old song but its Fix You by Cold Play. (tomorrow it will be something else lol)
  • TV show – Network, True Blood (hard to choose)
  • Color – red

Thank you for playing along Carrie! ❤

You can visit Carrie inworld at Snowpaws, or pop by the Snowpaws Blog to see what’s new!

Shiloh Selene | Unapologetic Second Life Fashion Blog | [SL] Blogger Support

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