How to Grow Your Blog

Are you a new blogger? Are you wondering how to get the word spread out about your blog? Hello everyone, Keliah here contributing for the first time on SL Blogger Support and I’m super excited to be a part of this wonderful project.

We all blog for different reasons and different things and maybe a wide audience isn’t as important to you as it is to some. If it is, and if you want to grow your blog, then here are some tips to bring your blog to that next level and really spread the word about who you are and what your blog is about.

1.)    Get Fed! There are a lot of blog enthusiast out there. So enthused that some started blog feeds. Many second life residents do their shopping by perusing blog feeds. If your blog is fed on one of these feeds, then your entries are going to be more available to a broader audience than standing alone. Sign up for feeds and have your blog syndicated.(Tip: Check out the blog roll sidebar for a list of feeds!)

2.)    Start talking about it! We all know blogging is not so easy. Blogging requires a lot of time and effort. There’s the putting together of the look, finding the location for the perfect photo, and then the post editing that goes into photographs. Be proud of your work and talk about your blog on social platforms. Talk about it on the Second Life forums, post it on SL Universe. Get a Facebook for your avatar and join the fashion groups. Plurk is a wonderful resource for networking! Many bloggers and designers are on Plurk, so this is a great medium to advertise your blog posts. Don’t forget Twitter!

3.)    Get a Flickr account! Flickr, next to blog feeds, is another tool people use to shop. Not only is it a great platform for creativity, it’s a wonderful place to advertise your blog. Post your pictures on flickr, include a link to the blog post, and there you have it. The

4.)    Don’t forget the little things. Make sure you have a link to your blog in your profile and/or profile picks. Some places have billboard space that you can rent. Include blog links in your signatures on Second Life based forums. Make sure your profiles on social media sites have links to your blog.

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