Sophomore Orientation: Harvest Dezno

Sophomore Blogger Harvest Dezno is one of my girl crushes, everything about her blog, style and personality does it for me. You know the girl in school that has a flair for style that is so amazing you kinda wait each day to see what she is going to wear to class? Well that is Harvest for me, I wait anxiously for each new post to see what amazing look she will come with next!

Harvest Dezno_Sophomore Orientation

1. How long you been blogging and what made you start?

A year and 11 months, and I first started out as a Gorean blogger. I was sick of alot of the Goreans wearing premade put together outfits. My inspiration was to represent other designers outside of the Gorean world that they could use different pieces to create a Gorean outfit and be unique to themselves.

2. What blogger have you worked with that you’d love to work with again? Every single one of them. They all have their own style that my own style bounces off so well.

3. Whom or what inspires you when you hit that blogging wall or blogging block?
My husband. He likes giving me ideas of maybe a piece of furniture or prop to use for the two of us to get myself in the swing of things again.

4. What blog(s)/bloggers have influenced they way you blog today?
Wow, I mean the blogging community is so large itself its hard to say what certain blogger could have influenced me. I honestly started with only having a Flickr account and didn’t have a huge insight to how large the blogging community was. I try to have my own unique way of doing things, but Maci Restless really did help me lately with some techniques I was having issues with.
Harvest Dezno_Shopomore Blogger

5. What are some of the challenges you face now versus when you started? When I started I was only speaking to a small amount of Goreans, now I’m trying to branch out into a large group of peers and designers, and its hard for my own voice to be heard because I deal with my own fears. The fears are mostly how -shy- I am. I have a difficult time approaching any bloggers to do any posts with me, along with even trying to respond on certain individuals Plurks.

6. How do you think your peers see you?
Short, spicy, and crazy.

7. Name one blogger that you would do a collab with if given a chance?
Brandi Monroe. I absolutely adore her pictures, blog, and her avie. She’s adorable!

8. Word of wisdom for Freshman Bloggers? Please please, be yourself. You shouldn’t have to conform to what the “seasoned” bloggers are doing. Find your own creativity and just go with it. – Also when it comes to review copies for designers, we all should never assume you should get them. Designers work hard on their products and its up to them to pass them out. Hell isn’t that what we’re doing for them anyways? Supporting them? ❤

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