An Incentive: Commenting on Others Blogs – Inspiration for Us All!

By Sasy Scarborough:

This would hopefully turn into an ongoing practice. The idea is that ten times a week you comment on a blog post by another Second Life blogger. Each comment should be on a different blog, and should show support for what it is that bloggers do. A small comment such as ‘ great pics’ or ‘ really loved the styling’ or ‘ I found that information useful’ depending on what type of post it is, can really bring a smile to the faces of bloggers. If for some reason the blogs you choose do not have commenting available, then consider commenting on their Flickr pictures.

We all know how much effort and passion goes into blogging, so with that in mind, go forth and comment your hearts out.

11 Comments on “An Incentive: Commenting on Others Blogs – Inspiration for Us All!

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  2. Thank you Katya for putting this up, I hope it is fun for everyone, but also shows a lot of people how much they really do reach people through their dedication and passion for blogging.


  3. What a great idea, Sasy! I will do this – and enjoy it. I love to peruse the blogs, especially the ones related to SL. I always learn something from everyone – a new place to visit, a great outfit I just must have, a special bit of learning about how SL works technologically, etc. All of it is more than worthwhile and adds to my SL experience. Thank you!

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  5. I am amazed how few comments some Bloggers receive; I know personally that encouraging constructive comments on my flickr page help me with my pictures and I think the same must be true with blogging.. Oh; great post! 🙂

  6. Well I read this after finishing reading another post on another blog and it guilt tripped me into going back and leaving a comment lol. So it’s working!
    I know for myself I can only go so long without some positive feedback before I feel like kicking the SL door closed and throwing the towel in. For some reason my blog seems to attract zero comments, except for the child avi that’s started contributing, his friends comment on his posts lol. I think I’ve even offered to pay people to comment, still nothing.

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