Skin Fair 2013


Skin Fair 2013 is almost here and its sure to be an exciting event with over 80 different skin brands. The event will consist of 2 sims with an amazing layout that pretty much makes it so that every store is close to the landing spot! An official group in world will open to the public closer to the event start date. An official blog is not up at the moment but when we have that information, it will be post right away. A bloggers group will be open closer to the event for blogger’s access and to help promote the event.

Sponsor boards will be right at the landing for both sims, so a great opportunity to promote your brand.Sponsor spots are open for the Skin Fair with the cost being 7500L per sponsor. What does it mean to be a sponsor?

  • Your logo/billboard is placed at the landing point where it will receive traffic from everyone tping into that sim. You will be allowed to place a script in your logo/billboard that will either do ONE of these things: join a specific group, give an LM, link to blog or MP….your choice.
  • Your logo placed on all promotional material for the event.
  • Your name listed as a sponsor in all press releases

For more information about Skin Fair 2013 and being a Sponsor contact: Voshie Paine or Kira Paderborn


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