Hey Guys! This is my very first post on the SL Blogger Support Website and I am so excited! Once a week I am going to be showing you pictures of some of my favorite sims to take pictures in SL. It has been my goal in 2013 to get out of my sky platform more and explore SL because there are some wonderful, beautiful sims out there to be photographed! If you have any suggestions of sims you would like to see covered here please let me know!

Hopefully this series of blog posts will encourage other bloggers to start exploring Second Life.

For my first post I have decided to show you the beautiful sim of Roche. I have featured this sim in a number of my own blog posts (one, two and three) and will be sure to use it in many future posts







Hope y’all enjoyed this blog post! If you yourself have featured Roche in any of your blog posts please post in the comments below. I would love to see ❤

Julliette Bergan

2 Comments on “Roche

  1. Beautiful photos, Jullie. I am so excited about this idea of yours. I hope to use a lot of your suggestions to get myself out and about for my blog.

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