Why I don’t read your blog, part 1: the credits

Having to set up a new reader (because Google killed off their reader), I went through alot of blogs, to add some new ones to my reader but also to clear out some blogs I didn’t like anymore. And I thought it would be nice if I shared some of the reasons why I don’t read a blog.
This may come as a shock to you, but I don’t read your blog because you’re a special little snowflake. I read it for inspiration, to keep up with new releases and events. So credits are a big flippin’ deal to me. 

Yes, credits are hard and not much fun, but it’s part of the job. Luckily there are a few tricks that could make your life easier.
* In the official viewer, you can copy a list of everything you are wearing (clothing, tattoos, prims, huds, …) to your clipboard [Right click on yourself – Select my appearance – Pick the ‘Wearing’ tab – Click on the wheely thingy on the bottom left of the window – Select ‘Copy outfit list to clipboard’]. This list can be copied in your blog text. I advise you to edit the list a bit, to make sure your credits are clear and consistent. Also, I don’t really need to know how many alpha layers you are wearing. (If you are using another viewer, this may or may not be possible for you)
* Some viewers offer a ‘Worn’ tab in your Inventory window. This gives you a clear overview of what you are wearing.
* You can set up a fixed list in your blogposts for you to fill. For example: pose(s); body stuff: hair, skin, eyes, lashes, make up, nails; clothing stuff: jacket, necklace,  top, bracelet, dress, skirt/pants, socks, shoes; location. Blogger allows you to set up a template. Everytime you start a new posts, the fixed text is there. I also keep my eyes and lashes in there, because they hardly ever change.
In WordPress, you can copy a post that you set up with your template post.
The above tips work best in fashion blogging. For furniture posts, there aren’t any tricks as you can’t copy a list of things you have rezzed. Keeping a template for you to fill in could work, but the variety of items is so much bigger that I choose not to do that. I work from left to right, starting out with bigger furniture pieces, then smaller decor and finishing with the house or background. As I write down the item, I remove it from the set, so I can keep track of what I covered.

Which method of crediting you use is not important, but please just use one. Keep it logic, keep it simple. Also, if you have any other tips, please share in the comments!


21 Comments on “Why I don’t read your blog, part 1: the credits

  1. Wow, didn’t know you could copy your “worn” items in the SL viewer… would be worth it to login on that one just to get that (if FS doesn’t have it). Thanks for the GREAT tip. One thing I do, if I don’t plan on blogging what the outfit I took pics of ASAP (or before I change), I take a screen shot of my worn tab of my inventory and save it with my pics on my hard drive.

    • firestorm does have it. actually firestorm had it first and then LL implemented it since it was useful. its been there a couple of years now.

  2. I keep a slurs excel spreadsheet that I am constantly updating with new content creators, their store slur, and business names. All I have to do is keep it open on my task bar to copy and paste into my credits so my readers have their taxi to the content creator’s stores on hand along with the credit. I’m lazy so I don’t like to reinvent the wheel every time I post.

    Thanks for this tutorial! I did not know I could copy what I have on. This is very useful. I will add this to my growing list of short cuts.

    • I’m not big on SLURLS – mainly cause people DO move so often.. but in the BODY of my post as a hyperlink to the Name of the store i am posting about… i’ll put an SLURL to their shop and I will ALWAYS verify it the day i’m doing my post. I don’t even keep Landmarks in my inventory anymore just for this reason. Its the FIRST thing i throw away when cleaning up.

  3. I like the slurls, but actually my /favorite/ thing is if they have a link to the MP store as that is less likely to move and more likely to be easier to shop on.

  4. I don’t keep landmarks but I often check on the creator’s profile to make sure they are updated. Most of the time I take them from my TP history, from a previous post (it’s not hard to find them, I just open my home pag in another tab and do ctrl+f to search for the brand) or from the item’s “properties” tab > creator’s picks

  5. I do the best I can but really appreciate the tip on listing what’s worn feature. I’ve begun including the SLMP links but I am conflicted since I don’t want to encourage pixel stores from leaving. My survey of motorcycle shops focused on inworld stores because it just makes sense to try before you buy.

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  7. I tried this on FS, but I must be missing something as I can’t find the “wearing” tab. This would make life so much easier. I prefer to have the links to the store, as I love it when I see something on other blogs and I don’t have to search for the LM.

    • When I open the the inventory in FS, there is a ‘Worn’ tab, where I can see everything I am wearing

    • Aha! There is also an ‘Appearance’ button (check your toolbar options) that includes the ‘Wearing’ tab where you can copy your outfit list to the clipboard 🙂

  8. I use thumbs plus for all my photo management (RL and SL). I copy the list of everything I’m wearing into the annotation field of the thumbnail. That way if I look back at a picture I can immediately see what I’m wearing

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  12. Great tip on the copy to clipboard, I didn’t realise that was possible, makes life a wee bit easier! I keep a note of URLs, but now have to check very carefully, as right clicking on the landmark in your inventory and selecting ‘copy SLURL’ (Firestorm) does not always work and I have unwittingly directed people to the wrong location……… 😦 I now actually teleport to the location and compare with my copied URL to make sure I have it right.

  13. Magick Thoughts by AmandaMagick (photographer, artist, blogger, PMC team)

    Reblogged this on Magick Thoughts and commented:
    This is why Blogger Support does not read your blog. I for one have my own reason for not reading some blogs. My biggest annoyance is the blogs that have a subject title like this… “Look #40,845” LMAO! well to be honest…. I think thats boring. …. I keep scrolling down my reader list for something that catches my eye and that my friends DOES NOT.

    –XOXOXO Amanda Magick

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