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I have not had the pleasure of visiting Donna Flora but that will soon change. Going through her Flickr stream earlier today for some inspiration, walking through the event itself, visiting the Love Donna Flora blog, the theme that kept coming up over and over again, was that of Love.

If you click on the link above, you’ll find stories of how Squinternet Larnia’s creative passion has touched residents over the years. Uplifting stories of strength, courage and  friendship.

Since I’ve started blogging, I have come to look at Second Life content creation in a whole new light in that when you (the creator), as a virtual designer or model or builder ‘create’ something, you give to us and the world in general, a piece of you, a piece of your heart so to speak.

Where or what you draw inspiration from coupled with the determination to see your vision to fruition is almost like sharing a snapshot of your soul. Even though I still feel somewhat like an outsider peeking into this otherworldy metaverse, I see the camaraderie and support you all give each other  IN SPITE of the negativism and it helps to shift my perspective.

To me, it is a beacon of light, for those of us who still believe that Second Life, that this virtual platform of ideas, creation and community is still thriving and continues to remain vibrant and relevant.

When the call goes out, it is encouraging to know, that the community responds and rallies behind one of their own. Whatever we can do to help spread the message, lets do it wholeheartedly so that when future, potential residents think of Second Life, they know there are residents  who genuinely care.

Please take some time to visit the Love Donna Flora website and read the testimonials/stories. They will encourage you! 

Then set aside your coffee (or whatever)  money for the week and support the call with a generous donation. Many of the designers have also set their vendors to 100%.

You can also leave a notecard message in world to Squinternet as well.

TP to Love Donna Flora
Love Donna Flora Blog
Donna Flora Flickr

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