[The Quest to Become OFFICIAL]

Greetings! My name is Vixie Rayna, and this is my first post as contributor for [SL] Blogger Support. I’m very excited to join this fantastic group to share tips and enjoy more of our fabulous community.

Vixie Rayna SL BloggerMy first post will address one of the most common questions I’m asked, “How do you become an Official Blogger for X Brand or Event Y?”  In my experience, I’ve been very blessed to be recruited or asked personally to become a blogger for different brands or events. I assume that this is most likely the way the majority of official bloggers are found.  Although, it’s not the only way to be considered. So the quest to become OFFICIAL begins…

As a PR/Marketing Manager for several brands, I receive blogger applications daily. Honestly, more than 99% of them are trashed. You may think this wrong but in fact it’s because they send an unsolicited, poorly written and impersonal blanket notecard. And while it’s a very complicated topic and there are no guarantees for success, I want to share TIPS on standing out in a SEA of people sending blanket notecards requesting to be an official blogger.

What is a blanket notecard? *Digs through the trash pile of her inventory*

“Hello! 🙂 I’m interested in your store, you do really nice stuff and i’d like to blog for you. I make three/five posts a week. My blog is about a 1 year old. It’s syndicated to feeds http://www.bloggingsl.net, http://bloggingsecondlife.wordpress.com/, http://bloggingsl.net/, http://fashionfeedofsl.com/, http://www.gridsyndicate.com/, http://iheartsl.com/ http://www.sluniverse.com/feedme/
Here is my blog – xxx
Flickr: xxx
Hope you’ll like my work.
To contact with me: xxx”

This is an actual notecard a blogger sent unsolicited to me requesting to be added to a blogger pool. I’m NOT actually sure which designer she was requesting as I represent THREE different brands. If someone cannot take the time to PERSONALIZE a request, why should anyone believe you’d make a good representative for their brand?

You need to THINK like an Event Organizer or Designer when you send a request. Why you ask?  Well, let’s be frank. They probably receive 10+ requests daily to become a blogger for their brand/event. You may think you DESERVE to be added to their blogger pool but really, just like in real life you need to stand out. A blanket notecard is not a way to have anyone jumping to accept you.

Be sure to STAND out.  How you may ask?  Well, this part is EASY!  You should HIGHLIGHT the work you’ve done specific to THEIR brand or event.  If you are such a fan and have been a supportive customer, you want to showcase how you would be a good representative. Before you begin you need to do your homework! Be kind and respect their rules!  If they are not currently accepting blogger applications, then DO NOT send a notecard. Not sure of their policy? Then check the designer/event organizer’s profile, in most cases they address this issue.                          event profile pick      Profile Pick             As you can see from Sophia Harlow’s profile as PR Manager and Social Media for Collabor88 she is responsible for reviewing blogger requests. From her pick it clearly states they are not looking at this time. Do your homework first! Check profiles. Be respectful and do not submit a request.

If you have checked the profiles and believe you have the all clear to proceed, now it’s time to create a notecard with your request. 1. Provide exact links to your Flickr, Blog,  Facebook, Pinterest, Plurk with specific posts featuring their brand. 2. Use proper grammar. 3. Most blogs are in English but it’s AWESOME if you are multilingual . Be sure to highlight the languages you speak – this is a great selling point! 4. Highlight your history briefly. Be succint and to the point. 5. Submit the notecard to the correct person. Again, following directions is important!


“Hi, Vixie Rayna – PR/Marketing Manager of LeeZu! I love [LeeZu!] and have been a huge fan for YEARS. I’m very interested in becoming a blogger and wish to know if there is any way to be considered.

Here are links to my most recent posts featuring [LeeZu!]:

love&fashion Blog: http://www.vixierayna.blogspot.com/2013/07/hey-baby.html, http://www.vixierayna.blogspot.com/2013/03/bound.html

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vixierayna/9296991104/

Posts to the [LeeZu!] Flickr Group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/leezubaxterdesigns/pool/24254368@N08/

I’ve been a blogger over 5 years with my blog syndicated on over 6 different fashion feeds. My work has been highlighted on the Second Life Homepage and in top SL Magazines. Thank you for any consideration!

Best, Vixie Rayna

love&fashion Blog: http://www.vixierayna.blogspot.com/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/loveandfashionblog

Now this is just an example and by no means a guarantee that you will be accepted as an official blogger. At the end of the day it’s best to be kind and informative while hoping for the best. Not every person is a good fit, and it’s important to respect their decision. If they say, “thank you for your interest but our blogger list is closed.” Then respect that and ask to be considered when they do open. Pestering them is a sure-fire way to never be included.

Other important points: 1. While everyone may die to be an official blogger for the Chanel of SL, the fact is they probably receive 100 times the requests of others. Maybe think about requesting to blog for a lesser-known brand that’s equally fabulous. 2. Check out links from [SL] Blogger Support listing designers/events who are actually recruiting people! Katya and team are ALWAYS keeping this list up-to-date and active. Check the Designers Looking for Bloggers page.

I’ll close with what’s always worked best for me. Simply put, I share my LOVE of fashion in SL.  By taking the time to focus on what I LOVE, I’m able to convey my appreciation for the work of the designer. If you truly love something, you’ll buy it and support the creator.  Being asked to be an official blogger is just the cherry on top of the already awesome sundae!

Be safe out there my little bloggers!
Love, Vi

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7 Comments on “[The Quest to Become OFFICIAL]

  1. Honestly, I would say 90% of the stores I blog for officially, it was after blogging them and letting them know without actually asking to be their blogger. More importantly, I’ve made some awesome friends through letting stores know when I feature them, so I really recommend it to bloggers.

    • Thank you Deoridhe for your comment! Yes it’s so important to share with designers the blogs you’ve posted in which they are featured – it’s a great way to introduce yourself and make friends! One of the bonuses of our community. Many designers miss out on press because they are so busy creating. And because they get so busy, they may not even realize that someone sharing a link is interested in being added. So definitely express interest in the blogger group if you know they are accepting and you have a great history of blogging this specific brand. There are times designers feel uncomfortable sending out things too, “well I don’t send out things to you because I know you are so busy and I wouldn’t want to clutter your inventory.” We can be a terrifically polite bunch on both sides!

  2. i hope bloggers read this! i am constantly getting notecards when my profile pick for bloggers specifically says to fill out the application at my store! 9 times out of 10 i found they’d never even visited my store!

    • Hello Nimil 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing! You as a designer took time out to make an application process, it is only respectful to follow your requests. If people only read what a designer requests and comply it makes them stand out because it’s so RARE for anyone to follow simple directions. It’s so sad really, and makes the blogger community look very unprofessional in my opinion. Hopefully people will step up their game 😛 Let me know if you see any changes!

  3. Thank you Vi for the tips. Going to give some advice to designers as well. I applied in the past when designers asked for bloggers on the [SL] Bloggers Support blog.
    I only applied to brands I blogged out before and did my resurch and all the tips you are pointing out so correctly. The tip I want to give to the designers is to be polite enougf to let you know they recieved your application but they did not choose you .
    I understand designers are busy but so am I. I took the time to sent in an application and that is not because I think and want stuff for free That is not the reason I start blogging to begin with.
    I don’t need an explaination why they don’t choose me just a “thank you for your application but you are not accepted. ” will do. In the view applications I sent out there were only 2 designers who got back to me. One in IM and one with a notecard that is all I want. Courticy works both ways.

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  5. Inkie keep in mind that the sheer volume of applications received by a designer or an event can be mind boggling. When we opened up blogger applications to The Secret Affair we received hundreds, upon hundreds. While I did my best to go to blogs to see if they had the feeling and look we were after, there were so many it was impossible to view them all ~ and we had to establish a viewing criteria based on how the application was filled out. This process took countless hours and multiple days. If we had searched out each applicant that applied in SL and sent a reply, it would have taken 10 times as long. So while we loved that people took the time to send in an application…. we also had an event to open. LOL. I now pick bloggers from our Flickr group. Not only is it easier, but it is a tell tale sign of who frequents the event. So while it is awesome if a designer or event replies to your application, it shouldn’t be considered rude if they did not. With that said, I understand the frustration of not knowing if you were picked or not, and if we open applications again I will post a list in flickr of those that were chosen. Maybe this would be a good alternative for those that receive an overwhelming amount of requests. Thanks for sharing the other side and opening up this discussion. xxxooo

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