ConverSLations with Indigoskye44


In an effort for all of us to get to know each other better, I’ve decided to conduct some friendly (and not at all prying) questionnaires. I hope it’ll help connect us to others, and bring our little community closer. Today, we have Indigoskye44.


What’s your SL name and what do people call you? My SL name is Indigoskye44 Resident. My display name is Indigo Skye Kouris. Most people just call me Indigo or Indi.

How old is your avatar? Is it your first? My avatar is over 2 years old. It is not my first avatar. I joined SL in 2010.

Do you have any SL family or RL family in SL? I do have a SL family! I have a wonderful mother, an aunt, a little sister, and I have two daughters of my own. None of them are RL family.

How old are you and where do you live? I am 19 and I live in the United States!

What’s your home life like? My home life is okay. My parents are separated and I live with my mom and my boyfriend. I’m expecting my first child in February, so things are a bit hectic! I’m also a full time online student and I work part time. I can get very busy!

Why did you join SL? Initially I joined SL because I saw the CSI: NY show that had SL in it. They advertised a crime lab within SL, and crime investigation being something I’m super interested in I thought I would join! Funny enough, I couldn’t find the virtual crime lab and ended up trying to just explore SL. Which failed miserably and I immediately quit. A couple of months later I decided to try again. This time I stayed because it was sort of an escape for me. A place to meet people (which I am horrible at in RL) and to create a person that was me, but at the same time was not me. I could be whoever I wanted.

What do you do in SL? I am a land sales agent. That is mainly what I “do”. However, I also create a little bit. I make poses and props and things like that.

When and how did you start? I have been a sales agent for over a year now. I have been creating since week 1, where I made a really atrocious shirt with a “hand-drawn” zipper. Which looks like it was done by a three year old. I love to create things, even though I suck very badly. I’m always coming up with new ideas. I started pose making pretty soon after that and have continued to hone my skills in it.

When not working in SL, what are you doing? Spending time with my family. Roleplaying. I love to roleplay at an urban sim called The Crack Den. I am also somewhat involved in the family community and I spend some of my time teaching little kids in SL. I also blog. This sort of counts as work for me, but mostly enjoyment. I take tons of pictures and blog some of them on my fashion/home and garden blog.

Who is the most fun/interesting person you’ve worked with? Probably my mom, Isaelli Warblood! We are so close and running a pose store with her was really fun!

Who do you want to work with? If I could work with anyone it would probably be Strawberry Singh. I don’t think she even knows who I am, but she seems like a really nice person and her photography skills are truly amazing. I’d love to work with and learn from her.

What do you wish you could do in SL? Make mesh furniture and houses! Oh man would I love to do that. I’ve tried so many times. I think my attention span isn’t big enough.

What is your favourite creation? My favorite creation that I’ve ever made is probably a stone arch that I made with poses in it for Pose Fair 2013. I’m really proud of how it came out, and it got a good response so that really boosted my confidence.

Indigo faveWhat is your favourite post/picture? This one right here.

What is your one SL vice or guilty pleasure? Shopping. Being able to dress my avatar in clothes that I wouldn’t dream of wearing or affording in RL.

What is the oldest thing (you can find) in your inventory? Jeans from VMC (No idea what brand that is). They are texture jeans. :3

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be? Introvert, caring, creative.

Does SL influence your RL style? Vise versa? No not really. They are totally separate. SL would influence my RL style if I could afford to wear clothes like that, and would feel comfortable in it. I’m very self conscious in RL so I stick to tees and jeans. My RL style definitely does not influence my SL style. At all. I shy away from tees and jeans most of the time and like to wear fancy dresses, heels, and vintage stuff. That’s one of the things I like most about SL, the ability to look totally different.

What’s your favourite pasttime? In SL? Probably roleplaying and blogging equally.

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