ConverSLations with Faeydra Aluveaux


In an effort for all of us to get to know each other better, I’ve decided to conduct some friendly (and not at all prying) questionnaires. I hope it’ll help connect us to others, and bring our little community closer. Today, we have Faeydra Aluveaux.

Faeydra Aluveaux

What’s your SL name and what do people call you? Faeydra Aluveaux but people call me Caileigh half the time because it’s my screen name.

How old is your avatar? Is it your first? According to my profile (5 years 7 months; 2061 days)… whoa has it really been THAT long? This is my 2nd avatar i’ve made. My 1st avatar is Callista Reyes.

Do you have any SL family or RL family in SL? My RL husband is in SL with me but I don’t have any SL family.

How old are you and where do you live? I’m 30 and I live in sunny Florida!

What’s your home life like? It’s pretty hectic with my almost four year old! Sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day!

Why did you join SL? I joined SL because a friend of mine told me about it. I was reluctant to join at first but then I realized that it was pretty interesting and I got to meet a lot of new people in ways I couldn’t really do in the real world.

What do you do in SL? I’m a photographer, mostly idle about in my sky platform, create poses now and then with my husband, and roleplay.

When and how did you start? I started doing photography almost instantly when I came into SL when I realized I could. The poses came about because my husband was tired of not finding the right poses he wanted for pictures so we decided to delve into more story type pose sets of the dramatic kind.

When not working in SL, what are you doing? Probably playing other games, interacting with my family, teaching kidlette fundamentals of pre-school knowledge, baking (I love to cook!), or out exploring various places in our state.

Who is the most fun/interesting person you’ve worked with? I’m not really sure. I haven’t gotten to work with many people yet, but maybe as I continue in my venture as a designer and move into other avenues I may get to work with more individuals.

Who do you want to work with? Hmm I haven’t really thought of this one. I fan girl a LOT of people on the grid, but I’m pretty shy and really keep to myself.

What do you wish you could do in SL? I wish I could create mesh home and garden items. The things people create and make are amazing! I would just love to get a handle on anything mesh.

calli faveWhat is your favourite creation? Hmmm.. so far i’m pretty happy with the recent halloween pose set we have created the Blood Lust set.. that was pretty fun and the pictures were fun to make.

What is your favourite post/picture? I do blog, but I don’t really know what my favorite post is! I’m always so critical of my own work!

What is your one SL vice or guilty pleasure? Hair. Yep. That’s my vice. I must have ALL the hair!

What is the oldest thing (you can find) in your inventory? Uhm. A cake I made. It looks awful. xD

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be? Geeky, Crazy (in a good way. Maybe?), Hermit

Does SL influence your RL style? Vise versa? Hmmmm.. I think they tend to influence each other in both ways. My style sometimes eeks into SL but then some of the SL stuff I see I love enough to incorporate into my RL.

What’s your favourite pasttime? Photography. It’s my passion of all time.

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