BURN2 will be wrapping up this Sunday, October 27th.

The Burning Man RL or SL is something you have to experience for yourself in order to understand what ‘it’ is. I’ve been to many art exhibits and galleries irl, but going to one in world is quite different, and I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in each artist’s vision.

Each exhibit/ art installation invites you to experience its message visually and viscerally  (i.e. poses, ambient sound etc). And many of them are tributes to its RL counterpart.

I must have watched this for at least 20 minutes… its a mindtrip ya’ll :O

There’s so much more to see, touch, feel, hear and appreciate especially with an event that’s been around for years (albeit a revamped, revival of the original)
In spite of the tense atmosphere around the grid lately, its good to know that there are passionate residents who are willing to work together to keep the Second Life art scene, relevant, vibrant and exciting!

Do click on the links for a more detailed history about Burning Man and catch you around the grid!

Burning Man – What is Burning Man?
BURN2 Second Life History
BURN2 (Second Life) – Art Installations and Descriptions (includes SLURLs)
BURN2 Flickr Pool


 “Maaa I’ll be late for dinner..”

One Comment on “BURN2

  1. I must get to it before then, because I really want to see all those pigs!! Great post. 🙂

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