Little Village

Afternoon everyone! ❤

Little Village is a fantastic sim put together by the extremely talented Cica Ghost. She has brought us such lovely sims as GhostVille, Rust.. and who could forget her stick figure artistic expression set up on LEA13. All of those are closed, but she currently has Little Village and The Visitors up and running.

Little Village is adorable, quirky and a touch haunting all at the same time. It is done in sepia tones, with tilted houses, dry grasses, hillocks, dry trees and more. It is perfect for bloggers wanting a little something different, people that love to take pictures of sims, or just for people to go and take in.

Click for larger images:

Little Village 1

Little Village 2

Little Village 3

Little Village 4

Little Village 5

Little Village 6

You are not able to rezz or run scripts on the sim. If you wish to take pictures there with your avatar, you can choose a pose and play it in world instead of using a pose hud.

Your Taxi Awaits!

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