Do you credit your poses yet?

Because, why wouldn’t you? Before you put on the ‘But Asthenia, pose crediting is superhard and sometimes I just forget and I am just too pretty okay’-record, please read this post because it might make pose crediting easier for you!

As I stated before, poses are very, VERY important for our blogposts. We also talked about the importance of crediting a while back. So, with Pose fair opening yesterday, I feel it’s a good opportunity to ramble again… I mean kindly remind everyone about the importance of pose crediting.

As you may or may not know, I am a huge fan of Tillie’s posestand. I have been using it for as long as I have been SL blogging (so that’s 5+ years darlings) and I am superexcited to show a new feature that got added in version 5 (released at Pose fair).

Say you want to blog an outfit and take 3 cute shots of your adorable self in said outfit. A bit like this:
Do you credit your poses yet (1)

Tillie’s hud allows me to save the poses I used for the post in a temporary set. I simply click the little disk when I find a pose that I will use in my post. I just flip through and save whatever pose I want. Later I can access my saved poses through the QS button.
Do you credit your poses yet (2)

With a simple chat command (set list) I then get a list of all the poses in the active set (in this case, the temporary set for blogging). Afterwards you simply clear this temporary set by clicking the little skull thingy and you are all set for your next post!
Do you credit your poses yet (3)

Pose stand – Tillie [Pose fair: 19th April – 3rd May]
Poses: Careless.pose 2, monday.pose 2, monday.pose 4 – [Pose fair: 19th April – 3rd May]
Hair: Melita – Truth
Skin: Sylvia – Glam affair
Mesh lashes V.01 – Beetlebones
Necklace: Trinity – G Field
Dress: Boatneckdress – Coco [The seasons story: 10th April – 30th April]
Feet: Medium feet – Slink
Shoes: Lizzie.slippers –

10 Comments on “Do you credit your poses yet?

  1. As a new blogger I fully agree and do usually credit poses or the Photo studio I use where it might be relevant. I also credit the location where the photos are shot which I think is important particularly where people have made their sims and hard work available to the public.

  2. Originally I would see an outfit and wonder who created the pose they were standing in. Because I was never told in blogs I started making my own because god knows where they were from. Lots of people like the poses and, let’s face it, you wouldn’t be standing that way if it wasn’t for the work of a pose maker who created the pose you are standing in so PLEASE credit their work. As a pose maker it gets frustrating when our poses aren’t credited. I know that some don’t name them so it can be hard tell once the poses go into a stand but a lot of us do name them with our brand name as part of the pose. We really appreciate all those who make an effort to credit us.

  3. The way I keep track of everything – including poses, windlight, and locations – is using a text document on my desktop. Now and then I run into problems with the artifacts of forgetting to remove old stuff, but that can usually be easily fixed. This is a simplified version below:

    Hands & Feet:

    Pose: [Name]
    1) [Pose name]

    Light Settings:
    Water Settings:

    Photographed by [Name]
    Post processing:

  4. I’m definitely guilty, I don’t always credit my poses. That was primarily because the poses I got were either my AO that I would just catch at certain times, or free on marketplace. Anytime I get a pose from an event or one that I’ve paid for I DO credit them.

  5. I 100% agree about crediting poses, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a pose maker and know how much work goes into some of them.

    I’ve found the easiest way is to save the pose name as the file name, that way even if I come back to something weeks later I know which pose I used. Very handy too if you want to use the same pose again and can’t remember the name – especially, if like me, you have collected thousands of poses over the years.

    Deoridhe’s checklist idea is also a great idea, I do something very similar and then file each one along with the photos for future reference. I add sim locations when not shooting at home – although that applies mostly to my landscape work – but I must admit to not including windlight settings because I rarely use them without making significant changes.

  6. P.S. I wandered around Pose Fair for a while and couldn’t find the stand, do you know which store it is for sale at please?

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  8. I always credit poses. That is one thing I MAKE SURE lol too do..
    I use to also include the designers name and, maybe one day when I have more time, I will start to do that again but, almost since the beginning of my blog I credit the poses..
    I also try to do at least one or more per month JUST on the poses….
    Or at least… a post to pull your attn to the poses… like in this one….
    it’s fun to have a few that are mainly about the poses… there are so many out there.
    I also make my own, when I can not find the pose I really want lol.
    I love pose makers.
    Keep up the awesome work! ♥

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