Taking it one day at a time…

As a blogger, I always worried about time. If you think about everything that we do (as a blogger or even as a creator/event organizer) we balance it through Time. Do we have time for this, or do we have time for that? Why isn’t there ten million hours in the day??


So really? How long does it take to actually Blog? From conception to the finished product it can take anywhere from a half hour up to four hours (there are people who spend hours on their photos!) If a person really thinks about it – from the time we, as a blogger, have a concept in our head of what we’d like to blog, we go into full on ready mode. We need to come up with our outfit, our hair, our skin, shoes, accessories. Are we needing a background or are we doing it on our platform? What about the home & decor bloggers? I know personally it takes me about a day to set up one room, much less a house.

Once we finally figure out what and how and where it’s off to the next step: Picture taking, windlights, dealing with lag, derezzing objects and people and taking about at least ten pictures (or twenty). Most often, after the photos, we write our style card, in order to remember what we had on our avi. Using the “Current Outfit” Folder in Firestorm and the Official Viewer helps a lot. (ALSO! Make sure to write down what pose you used and if you took a picture in a location, jot that down!)

After, we’re sprinting to Photoshop (or GIMP) to process. Now this where time really takes a hold of us. Some are speedy and can process a pictures within minutes (some don’t really even touch up at all), while others spend hours perfecting their masterpiece. Tick tock. The clock continues to tick. After processing, we have to name our photo (most do numbers, or maybe snapshot2010) upload it up on Flickr (one of the best marketing tools for a blogger!), add it to the appropriate groups, tag it, and send it off.

Next – we have to go back and Blog. This is can be the easiest or the hardest part. Depending on what type of blogger you are, you could be wordy like I am, or keeping it simple and just posting credits (some people just do that.) Others talk about the products that they are wearing, or the event that the products have come from. Sometimes it’s a designer spotlight, or a multitude of creations. Other times it could be a quote, a poem or even a tutorial. Depending on the blog, it could be many things. Once it’s written, titled and posted it can take anywhere from ten minutes to over an hour. Really it all depends on what YOU are going to be talking about.

This is when I go back to TIME. It take TIME to be a blogger. Just like a creator or event organizer, blogging takes time. For those that can pound out blogs within minutes, I envy you! So the next time someone asks you how many times a week you blog, think about it. Time is our master.

For credits and landmarks, see below ❤

Taking it one day at a timeDress: coldLogic – Timm in Snow (s) / Damien Fate, Janie Marlowe, & Zyrra Falcone *NEW*
Boots: Baiastice Avani High Boot in Denim (xs) / Sissy Pessoa
Necklace: Cae :: Galaxy Necklace / Caelan Hancroft *Seraphim Social*
Tablet: Plethora – Police Box (rare) / Liquidh3ll Carter *NEW*
Skin: Izzie’s – Nomi Skin in Pale (DB) / Izzie Button *NEW*
Hair: *Milk* Hair – Poppy Seed / Kattington *The Boutique*
Eyes: IKON – Promise Eyes in Grey (ml) / Ikon Innovia
Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands in Elegant / Siddean Munro
Nail Appliers: {Wicked Peach} Galaxy Nails / Autumn Aramanth *Seraphim Social*
Pose: Imeka Poses / Nati Williams *The Chapter Four*
Location: Neva Skye Villi

5 Comments on “Taking it one day at a time…

  1. Well said Katya, I don’t think people realise how much effort goes into writing a blog until they try it for themselves – I know I didn’t!

  2. Amen! Well said as always and I am so glad you posted this! You have managed to highlight and outline our whole creative process quite eloquently. I have always felt that many people don’t realize just how much time and energy it takes to create one post. I am probably the slowest blogger in the world, so it takes me even longer than normal (way longer). I tend to fuss over way too many details. I can spend several hours just styling a look and even more trying to find the right poses. I could spend days on a post if home decor is involved. LOL. Image editing… Ufff…. I over edit and then re-edit my pics, which is just silly and time consuming. When the images are finally done, then I have to start writing something comprehensible. Last but not least, the dreaded the credits, which include Surl links and the whole designer’s name. I am a bit OCD (OK, A LOT) and just realized that I basically recapped your whole post, but I guess I needed to vent about my self-induced frustration (please forgive me).

  3. Although I am not a fashion/product blogger, I do realise how much time a fashion/home and garden blogpost with pictures and credits consumes!

    As for my blog and posts, being an explorer and traveller – most of my time is of course 1) finding a location that is worth blogging 2) make pictures 3) read all the extra information, websites if there are, landinformation, sim-owners profile and all that to find out more. Then I make a round through the other travellers/explorers, to see if they perhaps covered it and what they had to say (I often link to other bloggers to give my readers other perspectives as well) and to make sure my post isnt a duplicate from someone else!
    I think the last bit, the research, surfing and reading other blogs is taking up most of my time when it comes to a blogpost.
    I do not photoshop, other than maybe a bit with the brightness and cropping, since I want to show locations as they are, so that isnt much work. Picking the right images takes me longer, because when I go exploring..I keep snapping away and endless fiddling with windlights and shadows is also something that takes a lot of time, but I see that as part of my exploring and it is what I love doing :).
    After publishing, because hitting the publish button is not where it ends…I send links to the sim owners/creators so they know about them being featured, upload the whole enchilada to Flickr with links, sometimes I make an extra post on facebook and I check if the automatic crossposting on twitter, reddit and tumbler worked out well (it doesnt always work like it should..).

    Also, since I can do this easily for e.g. locations that are not open to the public yet, but in case I get preview access: I prepare blogposts and put them in draft, so I usually have one or two ready to simply publish for those weeks I have not much time or no inspiration to blog :).

    • I am always in awe of traveler and explorer bloggers, since I can only imagine how much time and patience is needed to do this. I really give you a lot of credit for having the ability to take such beautiful shots with such precision. Not to mention having an innate ability for composition that perfectly highlights and translates visually what the SIM is all about. Landscapes are very hard for me, so I really appreciate the time you put into this. Not to mention, without such blogs, I would be at a total loss, while attempting to find the perfect place to take pics for the items that I blogging.

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