Fashion For Life 2015 Tour through the Capitals

New York City

It is day 4 of the week long RFL mega event which ends before midnight on Sunday March 29th and this year, Fashion For Life takes us through some of the more popular fashion capitals of the world.

New York City

I’ve daftly titled the above image, “if I had a brownstone in New York city” just for giggles and the New York City build by Sofia Corleone (Celestinas Weddings) was my favorite in that I have always been somewhat of a fan of glorious city skylines.

This year’s Team Captain is Frolic Mills (Miss Virtual World|BOSL) along with a host of sponsors and builders.  I’ve included the link to their team page on the Relay For Life SL website at the bottom of this post. There, you can also find the current total amount that has been donated , as well as information about raffles, auctions and the like.

There were also several articles I found on the web with schedules and detailed information including:

Inara Pey | Living in a Modem World | RFL Fashion for Life Preview and Events Highlights

Daniel Voyager | 2015 Fashion for Life Opens today at 10amSLT

Kara’s Korner | Second Life Adventures


Another cityscape I had fun shooting in was Tokyo, co-built by Ouka Ugajin (Monkey Banana|RH Design House). Fashion For Life has always incorporated the combined visions of both creator and dreamer giving residents a one of a kind experience in both shopping, philanthropy and community activism. Relay For Life Second Life continues to be at the forefront of our virtual world’s reach to those who have yet to experience Second Life.


Milan, darling.. Milan.


Central Park North

Each donation gives all the world that much more hope in making dreams become reality in this fight. The saying, ‘there is no I in team’ rather fits perfectly with all that is involved

Whether you’re perusing the shops of Paris or strolling under the scattered twinkling lights of Central Park, remember what drives us to relay…We relay for a chance to finally beat that fight and win, for us, for our loved ones and for our community.

Do be sure to visit the regions and events, there are donation kiosks located throughout each Capital city and you can also donate to Relay For Life directly at

Fashion For Life 2015 RFL Team Page

Links to each region




Los Angeles




CentralPark North

CentralPark South

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