Photoshop Tutorial: Masking Hair

Masking out the hair.

It can strike fear and trepidation in even the most bold Photoshopper’s heart. If you’re in front of a solid background it’s easier, but what about when you’re not? What if you want to blur a populated background or make it darker so that your avatar stands out more?

In this tutorial I will show you how to mask out hair (with fly-aways or wisps!) using channels with dodge and burn.

As this is an intermediate-advanced level tutorial, you do need basic knowledge of Photoshop layers, tools and layout. I also want to warn everyone that this tutorial is about 18 minutes long, because I describe a lot of the “whys” around masking. Once we get to this level in Photoshop, there are sometimes lots of ways of doing things and here I show you a few of those ways. However, the technique I use here is a five-minute process at the most when you know all the steps.

Happy masking!

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