Do you still keep the sugar in the right spot?

In January of this year I blogged about the importance of keeping your blog clean and up-to-date, and used an example of how my sister could not find the sugar in my kitchen when she was visiting me, while for me it was obvious where I kept it.

See my blogpost from January here.

It is now July, oh duh!, and yeah…some months have passed an although I cleaned up my blog in January it was about time I did my little clean-up round again!


Well for starters, in my case for example, I had to change my profile picture on the ‘about me’ page, as I have recently switched to a mesh head and thus I look different and also I could add some new experiences on that page – as having contributed to the Fantasy Faire Official Blog since the last time I updated that page.

Sugar - II
Also, I checked my blogroll and discovered two ‘dead’ links, to websites that do not exist anymore,  and I also decided to remove some links to blogs which have not been updated in almost a year.
(Of course you can decide to keep a certain blog on your blogroll, even if it is never updated, for personal or sentimental reasons – I do that too.)

I also checked all other links, to see if anything was broken and indeed found some to fix!

Information about yourself, your blog, the brands you blog about and links get outdated before you know it, and it is really not a real big job to do a maintenance check every 6 months, to make sure your visitors will be able to find the sugar….err…the information you want them to find!

Happy cleaning and have a lovely summer!


3 Comments on “Do you still keep the sugar in the right spot?

  1. I’m planning a major site redesign, so getting cleaned up is the first step towards this. Thanks for the reminder!

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