Now you can upload your pictures only once!

Hey, did you know? You can use the picture you uploaded on flickr on your blog right away! No extra uploading needed.

Did you recover from fainting? Let me walk you through it.

We start with uploading the picture to Flickr (duh). Once you’ve done that, you’ll notice a fun little arrow on your uploaded pic. Why don’t you try clicking it?

You will get a little pop-up window, select ‘HTML embed’. (Note you also have handy buttons to share your picture directly on various social media, if you have those accounts linked to your Flickr)

You can select the size of your pic. Choose on option with 500, that’s big enough (We don’t want to throw an oversized close-up of our pixelated pretties in someone’s face before they had their morning coffee, right?). Copy the text under the size (<a data yaddayadda….), it’s usualy already selected, so you can just click copy.

Now go into your post. When you are writing up your posts, you usualy do it in the ‘Visual’ tab (for blogger users: ‘Compose’ tab). Now we go crazy and select the ‘HTML’ tab.

Paste the code you copied from Flickr where you want your picture to be. Switch back to the ‘Visual’ tab (or ‘Compose’ if you are in blogger) and guess what? Your picture is right there!

pastiewordpressAnd you know what? Now I can click your blog picture, end up on your Flickr and favorite your picture there. Like magic, right?

EDIT: I also delete the last part of the Flickr code, because it does unpretty things to my pictures (starting from <script… till the end)

Pose by flowey (using Tillie’s posestand), clothes by Tres Blah, shoes by, hands & feet by Slink, skin and eyes by Glam Affair, lashes by Beetlebones, hair by Lamb. (sorry for the drive-by-crediting, but this had to go fast!)

14 Comments on “Now you can upload your pictures only once!

  1. The only downfall to this is that when Flickr goes down or removes your pictures, it takes it off your blog too. It can be a little of a inconvenience.

    • That is true. But to me, it’s a pretty small risk compared to the hassle of uploading your pictures twice.

  2. I do this as much as possible for embedded images – it’s super fast and really easy, and the pictures tend to size perfectly. It’s much faster for loading speed too. The only thing I don’t do it for, are for pics I don’t want to clutter my flickr with, and for images I used for featured images. But for the rest, it’s ideal!

  3. I do this for my pictures. Just wondering if you know what that data flickr embed is? I always delete it out. And the script part at the end also.

    • Yes the script part seems to be a recent addition (I’ve been using this method for 18 months or so and only noticed it since the last Flickr change) and more often than not it screws up the layout on WordPress so I remove it (just this bit on the end)

  4. Awesome tip, I didn’t know this one!! Thank you Asthenia!!
    One thing I’ve always wondered though, is that if readers aren’t Flickr members, can they still see the images even though they’re hosted on Flickr?

    • Yes they can! That is if you set your pictures public. If you only share them with friends and/ or family, only they can see them ofcourse 🙂

  5. question because i load flickr after i make the blogpost because then i would have the info ready for in the description box, wouldn’t it be double hassle if you load flickr with no info first then blog? its not like after you add the info ppl that saw it already will see it again? or idk how flickr works. i thought most ppl like see a picture with no blog link and move on to the next one and with so many post going on the timeline by secs how does this work besides keeping the size down?

    • I upload the picture to flickr, then add it to my blogpost and hit publish. After that I immediately add the link to flickr. So yes, for a minute or two, the picture has no information in the description, but I doubt many people will even notice that.

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