15 Current Feeds & Some Tips On Applying.

With all the talk about us all being kicked out of one of the feeds I decided to go through the ones I could find and make an updated list for you all. I hope you find this helpful.

☞ Remember, when applying to a feed.

 Read the requirements for each site.
Check to see if you need to have them listed in your blog before they will accept you.     Put those under a heading of FEEDS PENDING or some variation of this.
( I make a separate page on my blogs for feeds pending then feeds I am currently listed on.This way it keeps clutter out of my main blog page.)

Only apply once to each site. ( Spamming people could lead to you not being accepted)
Read the rules and requirements of each site. Some need only one or two posts, some want over 3 months. Some want only PG, some don’t care.

While you are applying to new Feeds,
Now is a great time to check the feeds listed currently in your blog to make sure that,

  1.  They are still active.
  2.  You are actually listed on them.

Current Feeds.

● SL Style Daily Wire | http://slstyledailywire.blogspot.ca/

● SL – Fashion Bloggers Designers | http://sl-fashionbloggersdesigners.blogspot.ca/

● Daily Looks | http://www.dailylooksl.de/

● SL Feed | http://slfeed.net/

● I Heart SL | http://iheartsl.com/

● Blogging SL | http://bloggingsl.net/

● Fashioncentric | http://blog.fashioncentric.net/ (More of a blogroll)

● Mamava Bloggers | http://mamavabloggersgroup.blogspot.com.ar/

● Upps Feeds Bloggers | http://feedsbloggersecondlife.blogspot.com.es/

● SL FEED PLUS | http://slfeedplus.blogspot.ca/

● Second Social | https://secondsocial.eu

● [O.L.D.] Old London Docks | http://www.old-london-docks.de/

● Emporio Magazine | http://emporiomagazinesl.blogspot.com.es/

● Pandarific | http://pandarificslfashionfeed.blogspot.ca/

● SL Fashion Directory | http://slfashiondirectory.com/

5 Comments on “15 Current Feeds & Some Tips On Applying.

  1. Thanks for this! Just the other day I realized I got booted off the “I Heart SL” feed (probably for showing my boobs one too many times?).

    It’s also so difficult to keep track of all of the feeds out there. This is a good kick in the butt for me to revisit my feeds list and see where my blog is listed. One of the hazards of having a 7+ year old blog, I suppose. Thank you again!


    • Hey Heidi!! I am so glad you found this useful! I think I will take my own advice and check to make sure I am on the feeds listed in my own blog too! 7 years IS a looong time. I am around the 7 year mark as well.
      Happy ~ Blogging.

  2. Nice to have a list of all the active feeds! I also have a feed that is more specific, kawaiifeed.com (if anyone is interested).

  3. The old London is not anymore active in the bloggers feeds. They closed their blog.

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