Location in the Spotlight: Binemist

Per this month I will start a new, monthly, series on this website. Every month I will write an article  featuring a location which is photogenic and most of all: photographer/blogger friendly; including an interview with the owner/landscaper/decorator.
I hope this will help you in finding beautiful places where you can go for  photoshoots and of course to just enjoy!

Kicking off with Binemist (Adult),  a wonderful mix of a breathtaking (and fun!) underwater world, a watery groundlevel (perfect for pictures that need reflections) and a surprise in the sky – all to be reached via a teleport system. Binemist is owned and decorated/landscaped by the lovely Biné Rodenberger – who I asked to tell us something about her place.

Location in the Spotlight : Binemist - II

One of the things I wanted to know is, what does ‘Binemist’ mean, something I had never asked before but wondered about!
The name derived from my name, the first 2 letter of my partner at the time Michaell and the first 2 letters of my lover Stefanie’ Biné explained ‘ Stefanie is now my partner, but we all still call Binemist our home – I think the name is still valid

Every location has its own story and so does Binemist.  ‘Since a long time I’ve enjoyed decorating and I’ve had parcels for a long time. My last parcel was on a sim that was closing and I was very annoyed with it, because I hadn’t finished it, and it was just not good. The estate agent did a very good job at finding something else for me, and then Mystical Falls became vacant, so I took that – I got it at a very good prize too because I think the estate owner felt guilty for taking my parcel away from me‘ Biné tells, and she also posted the story on how it all started on her own blog here.

‘A lot of stuff inspire me to keep developing the sim now. Other builds, the events, new stuff getting released, and moods I feel for real. It’s fun to try and express those with the builds I do on Binemist’

Location in the Spotlight : Binemist - I

Asked about her own favourite spot, Biné had to think hard and long. Not surprisingly as there are many great spots on the sim! ‘I really love how the ground has come together with the life on the surface and the fun stuff I can do under water too. Every time I do a new build (change a corner on the sim) I love that the most, and I spend a lot of time there. The latest build is a rocky island from FANATIK and a tower from them too. That is magical and fun and I’ve added the snow and the sledge and the swan boat, and it’s just FUN :-)’

Location in the Spotlight : Binemistn - II

The autoreturn on Binemist is 60 minutes, allowing photographers/bloggers to rezz their own props, like poseballs and decorations,  for photoshoots.
When I asked if that has caused any incidents,  Biné told me ‘Actually the autoreturn is normally set to 15 minutes, but I turned it up because a blogger asked me to do so as she found that 15 minutes was not long enough’  and added that even if  60 minutes is not long enough, one can always contact her for a longer timespan!
The autoreturn-question and when talking about the experience of allowing people to rezz on her sim brought up another memory, Biné continued ‘I haven’t found any bizarre stuff but I do have a mixed experience with auto return. There was one time when I changed the group on the land and deeded the land to the new group and the entire content of the SIM came back to my Lost and Found Folder! That was a nightmare, and the worst thing was that it was not my first time doing that – but the first time was many years ago and only on a skybox. But still… I should have remembered!

I asked Biné for her a favourite picture she took herself on Binemist and I am delighted with her choice, which wasn’t easy, but as she said  she loves this ‘because it’s so pretty‘ and I agree!

Enjoying Sun-Up

‘Enjoying Sun-up’ by Biné Rodenberger

And then there is the rating of the sim: Adult. For those who are somewhat hesitant to visit Adult rated sims,  Biné told me ‘Binemist is an Adult rated region but it is not a nudist or a sex sim. Nudity is allowed and so is sex. I did see a lot of sex in the spring, especially in the GMT mornings, and I was a bit uneasy with that, so I change dall the Adult furniture on the ground level to PG stuff, but the adult stuff is still there on the platform in the sky. But I rarely see anyone use them anymore.’

‘Binemist is there for everyone to enjoy and explore. I have a lot of fun with my builds, and I want to share the joy and the fun. So just have fun!’


Slurl to Binemist
Biné Blog
Binemist on Flickr

Last but not least, I want to thank Biné for sharing her sim with all of us to enjoy and for taking the time for this interview!

17 Comments on “Location in the Spotlight: Binemist

  1. Great interview. Thank you for sharing information about this sim. I will certainly have to visit because it does look quite lovely!

  2. Thank you so much for highlighting gorgeous sims, such as this, in our SL. You’re such a life saver for photographic bloggers like me who put more time into finding their next location than an outfit! I’ll definitely be paying this place a visit soon.

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  5. Binemist will close by the end of May 2016. But I have a new project called Binemust. I hope to have et ready for the public some time in June 2016. Thank you all for your support to Binemist

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