Just Find the Feeling, Pass it On

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I was reading on Facebook a post from a fellow blogger and photographer who was delighted to have received an offline message from someone just to let them know that they enjoyed seeing their pics on Flickr. It was a message of appreciation and thanks and obviously made their day. The person sending the message also mentioned that they ‘felt outgoing’ enough to send the message and hoped it didn’t appear ‘stalkery’. It made me smile to read it and I’m sure it absolutely delighted the person receiving the message.

It got me thinking about how we often appreciate people for their work in Second Life but so rarely find time to tell them. It also made me think about how many people I follow on Flickr and Facebook but have never directly communicated with and it also got me thinking about how warm that feeling is of making someone…

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One Comment on “Just Find the Feeling, Pass it On

  1. I always send an IM to someone, creator or blogger, if their work is really good. I think it’s super important to commend people for good work as well as make note when the work is not good. Both should be done with respect, however! lol

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