A Warm Welcome!

As a follow up on my blogpost about the backlog in applications for our group, I can now finally tell you that we have managed to go through them all – meaning we have nobody currently waiting to be invited and we have lots of new members in our wonderful group.

So, to all new members: a very warm welcome and we hope you will find the help and support you need, be it from this website (please have a browse around, there is plenty of information to help you with all kinds of topics!) and of course inworld in our group-chat.

While adding new members, I got a lot of questions already – most of them being about ‘are there rules for groupchat’ and ‘can I post my blog in the group’?

Well, rules are not documented as such – most are common sense ‘rules’ or rather ‘guidelines’.

Beachy - 1

Random photo to spice up this post

The group is a very chatty one, for sure. And social. Which is wonderful. Not a day goes by without conversations going on, and this may overwhelm some, but you will get used to it. And you are not obliged to participate in the chitchat.

You are always welcome, and encouraged!,  to ask (blogger related) questions in the group, and you will find you will get an answer real soon. Or a discussion. It happens :). Just keep it nice and friendly, that is all.

What is frowned upon though, is asking questions as ‘Can someone give me the LM to  Collabor88/Arcade/FaMeshed or <insert any popular, wellknown, event here>?‘. As a blogger …please.
These kind of LM’s you either should have ór you can find those almost effortless with this novel search engine called: Google!

When in doubt, Google first, then ask 🙂

Links in group-chat, to your own latest blogpost – no matter how proud you are….don’t. We are all bloggers and if all of us  1300 members are going to do that…well you get the point. Just don’t.

The same goes for creators in our group, it is not done to post links to your blog or MP store for new releases. There are other groups for that.

If you are an event-organizer, or a sim-owner who wants to invite our group for early access/previews etc,  you can always contact one of the SL Blogger Support Team Members to send out a notice on your behalf. Alternatively,  if this happens frequently we can give you the rights to send notices yourself.

To all of you, old and new:  have fun, enjoy and thank you for making this group so awesome!

Happy blogging!

(the random images I used were shot on It All Starts With A Smile, which will open Monday 13 June at Noon SLT)









12 Comments on “A Warm Welcome!

  1. Also….. early access to events is a much appreciated perk. It is however up to the event organisers whether to grant it to the group or not. Not a right. And early access is for shopping only. Not for asking for blog.promotional copies. If you do, it’ll make the entire group look bad and risk spoiling the early access fun for everyone.

    • Very true and a good point, Grazia! I have not mentioned this in this article, as it is specifically explained in the note-card that all new members get upon invitation. But yeah, it is good to stress it again, as sometimes it seems to slip a bit 🙂 Thanks!

  2. I really enjoy this group, it was always helpful and ready for “action” so I’d wish to welcome the new members to the group and hopefully they have a nice time around us.

  3. Just a note from someone who’s been in this group less than a year: I find the SL Blogger Support community so supportive and helpful. Thank you, Caitlin, for herding all the cats and hosting this group, and creating the space for it to be the great place that it is. I’m so grateful for this community. 🙂

  4. Cait writered:
    “When in doubt, Google first, then ask:)”

    Pleeeeze, nooo. While it’s generally a good idea to use search engines before showing ones incompetence to the whole group Google is the last engine I’d use for that purpose. There are far better or at least equally good search engines out there. Search engines that respect your privacy and the sanctity of your data. Like Duck Duck Go, Startpage, Yandex and others. Most are using Google’s search algorithm but are just more friendly and respect you as a person and do not see you as a ware to be sold.

    See this SL Bloger Support site we’re on right now? It’s on WordPress, not on Google’s Blogspot. I guess they made it so for a reason, and the reason is in almost all cases to escape from Google’s data collecting insanity. That’s great and I applaud it. But then in the same blog pushing people towards Google services is kinda counter productive, no?

    • Hi Orca, thank you for your comment. Yes, there are of course more search engines than Google and it is good to have choices!
      Using WordPress is a matter of usability and options, which we find better and more suitable to our needs for this website, but has nothing to do with us being scared of Google or escape them as you suggest – just to clear that up :)..

  5. Magick Thoughts by AmandaMagick (photographer, artist, blogger, PMC team)

    Reblogged this on Magick Thoughts of Second Life and commented:
    I love this blogging group in world and I am still learning the ropes. I hope I won’t make any mistakes 🙂

    • Hi Amanda, thank you for the reblogging…and great to have you in our group! Don’t worry about mistakes, they keep it…interesting – if anything! 🙂

      • Magick Thoughts by AmandaMagick (photographer, artist, blogger, PMC team)

        thank you Caitlin 🙂

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