‘Meet the community’ – SL13B – Save the date!

This year Second Life celebrates its 13th Birthday – SL13B – and the sims with all the exhibitions and parties will open this coming Sunday 19 June. A week filled with events will keep us busy, and this year we –  SL Blogger Support, –  are extremely proud to be invited to participate in one of the popular panel discussions in the Auditorium.

What’s this all about?
A talk/discussion to demonstrate how the blogging community helps residents to find relevant information be it fashion, events, exploration etc. To talk about how the community support each other in endeavouring to share and disseminate information and to continuously improve itself.

SL Blogger Support on SL13B - II.png

The Panel:
Saffia Widdershins of Designing Worlds and Prim Perfect Publications
Kess Crystal of MadPea & The Glamour Sauce
Katya Valeska of SL Blogger Support, TLC & An Lar Poses
Caitlin Tobias of SL Blogger Support & Cait’s World

The audience, which is encouraged to participate, will be residents of Second Life and mainly visitors from the SL13B sims and hopefully lots of Bloggers!

The discussion will be in local voice, and will be about topics such as:

  • How has blogging changed over the years?
  • What does the blogging community bring to SL?
  • How does it enhance the SL experience for others?
  • How does SL Blogger Support develop a community of bloggers?

Since we only have one  hour, it may be that we do not get to cover all topics, and maybe we even only talk about one. That is all okay!

Save the date, we need you!
We really would like to see lots of bloggers, and also important: not just fashion..but also the explorers, the art-bloggers, the event-bloggers, the story-tellers…etc., to make this discussion evening a meaningful one and to show how our SL Blogger Support as a community unites and embraces all the things in Second Life and how we really ‘support’ eachother.

Keep an eye on this blog, this is the LM to the Auditorium, SL13B is open but we will send reminders,  for now….save the date: Friday 24 June, 5PM SLT!




7 Comments on “‘Meet the community’ – SL13B – Save the date!

  1. Reblogged this on Thar She Blows! and commented:
    Friends, you know how unreliable your little reporter has become lately, I don’t even know if I can make it to the official SL13B event. 😦 Anyone interested to travel to the community event on Friday 24th June @ 5pm SLT and cover it for Thar She Blows! blog? See, 5 pm is much too late for my African ass anyway, so I need you!!!

    • Thank you so much for the reblog, Orca! Yeah, 5PM SLT isnt easy for me either, being in The Netherlands..so I will plan an afternoon nap (before and the day after..haha) Of course I will do a blogpost on how it went!

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