Thank you Katya!

As Katya announced this weekend, and explained in this blog-post, she has decided to step down as owner of SL Blogger Support.  Of course, and luckily for all of us, she will stay as a group member! Katya is the founder of SL Blogger Support and has shared a lot of her experience and knowledge with enthusiasm and lots of energy. Thanks to her this group has grown to what it is now, a group of bloggers with a passion: blogging. And a group of people sharing and caring.

We understand her decision to step aside, 4 years of working for and with this group with all its ups and downs, is a big deal. The Support Team didn’t want to just let this pass with just Katya’s own blog-post, we have stuff to tell her too!

I am sure you all will join us in wishing Katya all the best and much fun in Second Life ánd Real Life!


“SL Blogger Support is incredibly important to me as a Blogger; the group keeps me sane and grounded. Not only do we offer each other hints and tips but we also support each other when we have a bad case of writer’s block, or we can’t get a picture just know, all the usual blogging frustrations.

At the centre of it all? Katya.  Katya has always been there to help keep us enthused about Second Life, offering us help and advice and most of all her friendship.  This group would have been a very different place had it not been for her guidance, strength and fierceness! Oh yes, Katya has been very good at keeping us all in check when we’ve needed it, and I’m just as thankful for that too!

Katya we will miss you, but rest assured you leave us in good stead and your dedicated work has laid the foundations for a group that I hope will continue to flourish in-world for many years to come. Thank you x” – Kittywitch


“I never meant to become a blogger. My love of SL photography was born out of being told that I sucked at it. No, for real. My husband – in his very matter of fact way – let me know that I had major problems with my pics in SL. He’d been working on his skills and I resented that he was better than me at something. I’m, uhm, sometimes super competitive.

So I began to take pics. Lots and lots of pics. Of my alts, of my friends. And I got a new video card. And I slowly got better. I shopped a lot. We eventually opened a photography studio called Dream Catchers. I’m still not sure how I managed to convince anyone to pay me for pics, but they did! And eventually, I got the satisfaction of hearing my husband (who is also competitive) reluctantly admit I’d not only stopped sucking, but was better than him.

Fast forward 18 months or so. We owned a pose store. We weren’t doing professional photos anymore. I was kind of bored. But I had sooo much stuff in my inventory. I began a challenge, just for myself, called Raid Your Closet. I was “microblogging” on Flickr. And every day for 30 days I’d take a pic of a new outfit, stuff I’d never blogged before… I had no clue whatsoever that what I was doing counted as blogging, but some designers sent me review copies. Suddenly I realized I *could* be a blogger.

Not long after I officially started Bluebird’s Song, I was introduced to SL Blogger Support. I honestly don’t think I’d still be blogging today, if not for this amazing group. I think I’ve learned so much from being part of this group, and especially back then when I really, really had NO idea what I was doing, it was just critically important to me. I found stores looking for bloggers, I was able to learn about promotion… it made such a difference, I believe.

Katya made it all possible. I didn’t really know her at all, but she was always helpful. When I had the opportunity to become part of the Support Team, I knew I had to… I wanted to be able to contribute and, hopefully, pay forward what I’d learned and just help new bloggers find their way.

Katya, thank you so, so much for all of your time and hard work. Doing something like SL Blogger Support is a labor of love. You don’t get paid, and I know that you have put so much of yourself into it. I’m truly grateful to you for investing in fellow bloggers this way.”

With much love and thanks, – Lucie


“Katya and I go way back and there’s nothing but great memories. I don’t know anyone with such a drive and motivation to make things happen. She gets an idea and she goes all in to make it a succes and she sure did for BloggerSupport. I was there from start and watched it grow into a huge amazing group with such wonderful people. I’ve seen all the love and hard work put into this and it has really blown me away. She can run a support group, blog, take pics, make poses, run a store and run an event. Katya is truly a wonderwoman and a very inspiring person and I feel very luck I got to watch her do it all from close.  Whenever I had a crazy idea for a photoshoot she always got excited to join in. She posed for my portrait series that I made for Truth’s bday:
Katya Valeska

And she was one of the sexy and beautiful models for my Black&White series:

Black & White series #28 - Katya Valeska

but my favorite memory of my time spend with katya has for to be our joined blogpost:

By the river

She has always supported everything I did and all my crazy ideas and it means a lot. Dear Katya, thank you for all your kindness, your support, your smiles. You have been a true inspiration to me and no doubt to many many others. I will miss you lots at Blogger Support. I know Caitlin will rock but there’s only one you. Just like you’ve always cheered me on, I will always do the same and wish you all the luck and love in the world with anything you do. I already know you’ll be great in everything.”

Much love  – Kae


“When Katya allowed me to become a member of the Team Support for the group, she really had no idea what she was letting in. * Silly grin*
Maybe she just knew my name from the group chats and noticed my love of helping ( Or she was grasping at straws )  Little did she know I can be very much the proverbial bull in the china shop.
But for her; If only to see her yell “EMBER ♥”  When arriving on the same sim and also due to the great amount of trust she had placed in me with the amount of control within the website I had. I worked my tookus off for her.

I tended to get lightly scolded a lot for my potty mouth and lack of filter within the group but with that I am hoping I at least gave her a giggle or two with my lack of inhibition ( Or is it class? )  Humm..

Anyway, I Also I have fond memories ( and scars) from being used as a crash test blogger.
I would get random messages, “EMBER I NEED YOU! See if you can TP here” ..
*Ember takes the teleport. Splat* into the water I go, again and again.
But I did it cause well, it was Katya one of the kindest, sweetest women I have met here in my 9 years of SL.

Thank you Katya for believing in me, when I didn’t believe in myself.
I will always be here, a willing crash tester & Next time I will come equipped with a snorkel”- Ember


“First of all I want to wish you, Katya, all the best and nothing but the best. I also want to thank you for your trust in me, by handing over the keys to our clubhouse, your precious SL Blogger Support. I promise you, and all members, to do my best and then some more, to keep this the most supportive and positive group in Second Life – together with the amazing team members and group members.
We may not be close friends and I even vaguely remember a somewhat rocky start when I first joined SL Blogger Support 🙂 but over time we got to know each other better as we both wanted the best for SLBS.
Thank you, for building this blogger community and all you did the past years to get us where we are now.
You are not gone, I am happy that you will be staying around as a dear and valuable member and I hope your decision will give you the peace and quiet – and fun times! –  you need and want!
Hugs!” – Caitlin


Note: Perhaps you noticed, not all of the Support Team Members have contributed to this blog-post. This is simply because of absence and real-life stuff, and doesn’t mean they have nothing to say. It is how it goes in all groups, it is always a challenge to get everyone together – our team is no difference in that!


8 Comments on “Thank you Katya!

  1. Thank you for having the vision to start SL Blogger support and for giving us bloggers a place to go for help, support and lots of fun chats. I joined SL blogger support when I was first starting out and I have learned so much from other members. It is nice to have a place to go and ask a question and never be judged.

    Thank you Katya!! ❤

  2. I’m sorry my timezone left me unable to participate in this one, but Katya thank you so much for creating such an incredible and useful resource for bloggers in SL. I have combed the pages of this website many times during my time as a blogger, and found the advice here and in-world to be invaluable and supportive.

    I wish you all the best hun, and remember you always have a home here with us!!

    ❤ Daria

  3. Thank you, Katya ❤ What an amazing legacy you've left us, such hard work over the years.

  4. When I 1st heard about this group I had a few thoughts, one was gez what an undertaking and as I read the blog my second one was amazing information shared here. Katya you did a great job! Best wishes in future endeavors. And, to Caitlin, best wishes and good luck in your new position. I know this group remains in good hands ! – Colleen

  5. Katya was my light in the dark when my blogging seems completelly pointless, back at the almost ground founding of the SL Blogger Support.
    …and somehow, I continues to blog so far, from the far 2011… It was incredibly journey with you, Katya, but the story goes on – with more love and respect we gained through the process…

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