Not fixing what ain’t broken!

Time for some catching up and an update on what has been going on with SL Blogger Support since Katya’s notice about stepping away as owner, and explaining  a bit on who I am and what I do :).

I’ve been a member of SL Blogger Support inworld group since a few years, a group for SL Bloggers in which we exchange experiences, help each-other with all sort of blog-problems and whatnot. We also have a website, a Facebook page and a Plurk account.

From being a member, I went to contributing articles on the website as guest-author and eventually I became part of the Team, the lovely group of people making this group and all its online presence possible. Over the past 2 years I got into chats with Katya Valeska, the founder of SL Blogger Support and lately she had expressed to me her concerns about the amount of time and energy she had, due to Real Life, when it came to the group. I took over some of the things she used to do, like answering questions and being a point of contact and handling the member applications.


Two weeks ago Katya decided to step down as owner and ‘leader’ of SL Blogger Support and she handed over the keys to me. While it may have come as a surprise to some, it wasn’t to me – Katya and I have talked about this option before.
I agreed and so Katya sent a notice and posted her formal ‘goodbye’.
Not a real, final, goodbye, as she will still be active as a group-member, but she will no longer be in charge of the overall management of the group!

To my surprise I have gotten a lot of messages. Most of them were nice and supportive and I thank everyone for their kind comments! In additions I also got lots of questions about what my ‘next steps’ will be and ‘what are you going to change’.

I can be short on that:

For now I have no ‘next steps’ planned, nor ‘changes’. Katya built a wonderful community ánd a great support Team. I see, for now, no reason to fix what ain’t broken!

Sure times will change and things will happen, but we will see it when it is needed. We have a great group of bloggers and a dedicated Team behind the scenes and I am confident we will be able to continue to give each-other support, help, have fun and all of that which we had the past years!


Needless to say the Team, is always open to suggestions and new ideas! So don’t be shy and let us know if there is anything your think should be added or changed, in order to keep SL Blogger Support the most awesome support-group in Second Life!

Thank you all for your continuous support and contributions!


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