Location in the Spotlight: Knightfall

It has been too long since I’ve posted about a blogger- and photographer friendly location, but that does not mean there are none! On the contrary, new locations still pop up and in this time of year lots of other locations are changing to the new season – making them all new again.

In this post I will feature a wonderful, medieval park: Knightfall. A lovely decorated park, with castles and bridges, rivers and forests in both lush green and a snowed mountain top.

Location in the Spotlight Knightfall - II I did not have the time to speak to the creators and decorators, but I was given a note by Cyrus Knight, with the following:

‘From the creators of Ironwood Hills comes Knightfall, an immersive medieval adventure park! Where you step out of one world and into another. Expansive landscapes, rivers, wooded paths where you can ride horses, a snow-capped mountain to ascend (don’t fall), a medieval village to drink and spend the night in jail, and a huge castle to prance around like a king (or queen). Built with the photographer, blogger, and machinima artist in mind, the sim is full rez to allow pose stands or small props to be used

Location in the Spotlight Knightfall - III

I can only say, this is all true and surely a great place to explore and use for photo-shoots and machinima, so go there and enjoy – and make sure you add your pictures to the Knightfall Flickrgroup :).

SLurl to Knightfall
Knightfall Flickrgroup
Knightfall on Facebook

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