Communication, what works best for you?

Now the new year has started, albeit a bit slow because of wine…err…reasons, I would love to start with asking you something important!

As you may have read in my previous blog-post, we have some great plans and ideas for 2017 with our amazing group and of course we cannot do this alone. We need your input and feedback!

The first thing I wish to tackle is : what is the best way to communicate our plans, updates, news etcetera to you?
Of course we have this website, on which we have lots of information already – and which will remain the main source of information, but I am talking about the fast and quick topics like updates on memberships, us asking for your help or input on something, changing of rules/guidelines and updates concerning our website. You name it, the kind of news you do not always need a full article about on this site and also (perhaps) to minimize the amount of group-notices we now send in-world.

Communication - II - A [SL] Blogger Support blogpost

Communication is important, but it is pointless if we just post blogs and send out note-cards which are not read or completely missed for other reasons;  so I am thinking to use other platforms as well – to keep it easy and clear for all when there has been some changes or we want you to inform you about an issue/change/idea/plan concerning our group.

Please take a few minutes to fill in the poll below, to give us a general idea what would work best for all of us, we will then have a better insight to start working on it!
(Again, please keep in mind – while answering  – this is about short, quick items – all important and long term news will always be published on this website!)

Thanks in advance and happy blogging!


Pics in this article are shot in the office space of the Nancy Redgrave Building.





14 Comments on “Communication, what works best for you?

  1. Hey Cait
    Call me stupid, call me blind, you wouldn’t be wrong. But I can’t, for the life of me, not find that promised “poll below”.
    Happy new year xoxox

    • Hi Orca, the poll is just one question – with several answers – I see it just fine and by now 177 people have answered already. Maybe it is something with your internet browser? It is from, perhaps you have it blocked for some reason?

  2. Reblogged this on Cait's World and commented:

    Are you a Second Life Blogger and already a member of our group [SL] Blogger Support? Please take a minute to fill in the poll we made, to find out the best ways to communicate with you!
    If you are a Second Life Blogger and not a member yet, feel free to join us!

  3. I receive your notices. I don’t receive them from other groups despite my settings. You are already ahead of the game. I voted for continuing the notices because I have time only to be in SL. I can’t do other social media.

  4. Not, strictly speaking, a blogger (now and then, I’ll mention gear, clothes and accessories which figure strongly in a Flickr snapshot) but I thought I’d mention generally what works for me as far as communication about or in Second Life.

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