SL14B – Carnivalesque June 18th@ 12pm SLT

We’ve circled another year in Second Life™ and fast approaching our virtual 14th birthday celebration, residents! This year’s theme brings us to the bright, colorful, joyful merriment that is Carnival with opening day on June 18th, 12pmSLT continuing through June 25th with performances. Exhibits will stay opened through July 2nd.  

SL14B also includes a spectacular shopping event to celebrate the occasion! Sixty of your favorite Second Life™ merchants have collaborated to feature birthday exclusives and gifts! (Click here for slurl).

Do be sure to peruse all 3 regions and pssttt, tell a friend! Do be sure to grab all the links below and save the dates. The Carnival train has arrived, and you are invited!

Important Links:

•SL14B Website |

•SL14B Big Hunt |

•SL14B Flickr |

•SL14B Facebook |

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