An Incentive: Commenting on Others Blogs – Inspiration for Us All!

By Sasy Scarborough: This would hopefully turn into an ongoing practice. The idea is that ten times a week you comment on a blog post by another Second Life blogger. Each comment should be on a different blog, and should show support for what it is that bloggers do. A small comment such as ‘ great pics’ or ‘ really loved the styling’ or ‘ I found that information useful’ depending on what type of post it is, can really bring a smile to the faces of bloggers. If for some reason… Read More

Inspire Me: Week 3

Hi guys! I hope you’re finding the prompts useful. Don’t forget if you have any suggestions PP me on Plurk or email me! Here are your prompts for the week! Monday: “Bend me, Shape me” Tuesday: “New on the scene” Wednesday: “there’s nothing like__” – Suggested by Shayariel Teardrop Thursday: “Wish upon a star” Friday: “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” Saturday: “When I grow up” Sunday: “Oh, the places you’ll go”- Suggested by Lucie Bluebird Don’t forget to post your photos to the [SL]Blogger Support Flickr group. Have a great week you guys, and… Read More

Pose appreciation week: Nov. 19 – Nov. 25

Starting this post, I went for a quick browse on the fashion feeds. The first post I came across has a big list of credits, but… the pose was left out. Out of the first 10 posts, only 3 posts credited the poses used. Maybe I found the only 7 posts without pose credits, but I doubt it. Bloggers often don’t credit everything in their post. Even when they do, the focus is on what they are wearing. The poses are so often forgotten. But where would we be with our blogs… Read More