Inspire Me: Week 2

Wow you guys, our first Inspire Me week was a HUGE success. I am so pleased that so many of you are finding this useful! Now on to Inspire Me Week 2! Monday: What Makes the Man? Tuesday: A Few of My Favorite Things -Suggested by Krisyka Bellic Wednesday: Secret Places Thursday: I Need a Hero! Friday: Teardrops on My Guitar Saturday: As Time Goes By Sunday: Essential Pieces – Suggested by Elysium Hynes Don’t forget to post your photos to the [SL]Blogger Support Flickr group. Have a great week you guys,… Read More

Inspire Me: Week 1

Alright guys, let’s get it started. Here are some prompts for you to chew on this week. If you have a prompt you’d like to see on the list for next week, feel free to IM me inworld or PP me on Plurk! Inspire Me: Week 1 Prompts Monday:  Unforgettable Quotes Tuesday: I’m a Fangirl / Fanboy Wednesday: Favorite Things to Do on a Rainy Day Thursday: Second Life and Music Friday:  Faking It: Put a Smile On That Face! Saturday: “Got you stuck on my body, on my body like a… Read More

Inspire Me: An [SL] Blogger Support Initiative

Have you ever had a day, a week or a month where you just couldn’t find the inspiration to get started on your next blog post? I’m pretty sure all of us have, at one time or another. With that in mind, [SL] Blogger Support is bringing you a new source of inspiration; Inspire Me: An SL Blogger Support Initiative.  We will provide you with daily prompts, a week at a time, in order to encourage daily blogging, and/or to just get you over those days where nothing sparks your imagination. This is not… Read More