Freshman Blogger: Shiloh Selene

Freshman Blogger Shiloh Selene Shiloh Selene is an amazing person to talk to; bright, funny and stylish! She makes no apologies for her carefree and truly awesome pics, and she should not! As her blog implies “Unapologetic Second Life Fashion Blog” Second Life Fashion means never having to say you are sorry! 1. How long you been blogging? I have been blogging SL fashion for 10 months, but have blogged professionally in RL for a while as a freelance writer.

Sophomore Orientation: Harvest Dezno

Sophomore Blogger Harvest Dezno is one of my girl crushes, everything about her blog, style and personality does it for me. You know the girl in school that has a flair for style that is so amazing you kinda wait each day to see what she is going to wear to class? Well that is Harvest for me, I wait anxiously for each new post to see what amazing look she will come with next!

Freshman Orientation: Amytheyst Beebe

Freshman Blogger: Amytheyst Beebe is a quiet blogging force that is a vortex of style and grace. Her blog Pixel Vanity encompasses fashion, fun and interviews with some of the best designers and bloggers. Amy’s blog is definitely not just about being beautiful, but capturing beautiful moments & places within our Second Life World.