Love is all around

I’m not very good at writing and even worse when it comes to serious stuff. But I do know that few things are as heartwarming as a community getting together for a good cause. When hearing about Sway Dench’s problems, Together for Sway was started up. You could already read about it on this blog and you can even read more about it on the official blog. A fabulous group of designers put out their items at the event and 100% of the profits will go to Sway. Together for Sway started today and… Read More

So many awesome contests!

So I believe this had to become a blog post because really, people don’t normally read notecards and not everyone is on plurk and not everyone watches Flickr religiously (like I do…I get lost for hours *eep*), but anyway there is so much awesomeness of contests happening! I highly recommend trying them out. Not only will it help in development of photography skills, but it can really get you out there and win you some awesome prizes! 1. Mon Tissu – by Elie Spot & Anouk Spot New Blogger Search! Fashion Editorial… Read More

Hair Fair 2012

On July 14th, the SL Grid is being hit with what is known as Hair Fair. For a lot of us, this is a time for amazing designers to come out with their amazing work and show us their ever-growing talent. It’s also a huge charity event for Wigs For Kids. A percentage of the sales from Hair Fair 2012 will be giving to the Wigs For Kids charity. We all hope you come out on the 14th to show your support. To help out with the lag, there is a Hair… Read More