All the Houses!

So I was recently speaking with Harlow Heslop in regards to SL housing.She found this wonderful mesh cottage from The Domineaux Effect and loved it so much that she spread the word on Plurk, to which some of us had to go scope out the build. Mainly me. Because I have an addiction. You see, I’m so addicted to buying and decorating SL builds (homes, skyboxes, scenes..) that I have a system in place that allows me to live in multiple skyboxes on a shared SIM. Harlow confessed that she had the… Read More

The Inkwell- A NEW Live Music Venue!

We all get in ruts in SL, I think. I know a lot of bloggers and creators who admit to spending most of their SL time alone on a platform in the sky. Maybe that’s you. Maybe you’ve just been doing the same thing every day for a while now- same people, same things, same places. Some days (or weeks on end) I see no more of SL than the stores I shop in, the places I take photos and my own skybox. My communication is limited to IMs while I edit… Read More