Getting Your Blog “Out There”

No matter the reasons we blog, we like to know that somehow, someway, we’ve connected with others “out there” in cyberspace. Even if you blog for yourself, it’s nice to know that someone, somewhere has read what you have written, to watch those view numbers climb, to feel proud of what you are contributing to whatever online community you are part of. When it comes to Second Life, there are so many blogs and bloggers covering the same topics, products & events that it may seem daunting to get people to see… Read More

Getting more out of Flickr – Part II

As promised in my Part I blog-post about Flickr,  I will dedicate this post about sharing your images, sharing other people’s images and why this could help you getting your blog in the picture without getting all the dramaz and accusations of ‘zOMG my work is stolen!!11!!’ and why you should consider letting others use your stuff. For starters I will emphasize again I am writing these articles for bloggers, new and old, assuming said bloggers are already (somewhat) familiar with Flickr and use it to upload their imagery.  New bloggers and/or… Read More

Getting more out of Flickr – Part I

First, before I start rambling,  I want to say I am honoured and pleased to be one of the new contributors on SL Blogger Support. In a nutshell:  ‘Hi I am Caity (caitlin.tobias) and I am an explorer, a wannabee fashionista – but sticking to exploring and horsing around- , terrible builder, easily entertained, wine o’clock fan, SL Explorer blogger since 2010, RL blogger before it was even called ‘blogging’  and when it comes to social media I am more serious than one would perhaps expect. Also I am Dutch, so forgive… Read More