Welcome to the [SL] Blogger Support Head Quarters!

Something we have always wanted, but never gotten to do: create an inworld presence for our group. A real [SL] Blogger Support Head Quarters, a place where our members can meet up, hang out, spend time together and share tips and tricks or just chill. A place where we can organise blogger-related events, or just socialise. Well, thanks to John Brianna (johannes1977.resident) and Eleseren Brianna¬† from Kultivate Magazine and Windlight Art Gallery, we have our very own, inworld SLBS Head Quarters! John has generously offered us a parcel on his sim, for… Read More

Tell us….how do you prepare?

Time flies when you are having fun, and it flies even faster in Second Life, or so it feels! After the busy holidays it is always nice to have some quiet times to return to the normal, daily business of blogging and taking pictures, wether it is for home and decor, art or fashion. Around this time of year the big annual events are coming in sight, besides the monthly ones, such as the Skin Fair, Hair Faire, Shoetopia and the Fantasy Faire (to name a few, I am sure there are… Read More

Bloggers Challenge – teach me something

When I was growing up in Second Life, there were many creators and bloggers that shared information along the way. I remember the first time I¬†read on the Luminosity store blog that you Shift Drag to make a copy of a prim, I shared that information with Fiachra, it changed his creative life. Most of the tips and tricks we learn along the way are shared, back and forth, but of late there is less sharing on blogs, and more just throwing them in the air in group situations…and while that is… Read More