Thank you Katya!

As Katya announced this weekend, and explained in this blog-post, she has decided to step down as owner of SL Blogger Support.  Of course, and luckily for all of us, she will stay as a group member! Katya is the founder of SL Blogger Support and has shared a lot of her experience and knowledge with enthusiasm and lots of energy. Thanks to her this group has grown to what it is now, a group of bloggers with a passion: blogging. And a group of people sharing and caring. We understand her… Read More

West of the Rain

A new sim has been raised from the great Linden sea… “West of the Rain” has come online recently.  This gorgeous sim created by Oobleck (Allagash) and his partner NODNOL Jameson is loosely based upon the San Juan Islands in Washington state.  If you look up the real life location, you will definitely see the similarities.  The region has an adorable main street type area with hotel, cafes, book store, music store, general store, etc.  No detail forgotten, it is a place you can poke your head in to nearly every build… Read More

“Maybe we should talk? “- by Cain Maven

This weeks guest-blogger, in our new series, is house-builder and Second Life architect Cain Maven.  You will get to know him better in this article he wrote for us. Food for thought, thank you Cain for taking the time in your busy schedule to give us your insights! I have a confession to make: I haven’t been particularly good at using blogs to promote my Second Life business. In fact, I have sucked at it. Mostly, this is because I have been lazy or inept, but to a certain extent it’s also… Read More