The [SL] Support Team

These individuals have chosen to be part of an ever-expanding contribution to the SL Blogger Community. Each one is here to lend a hand to new and old a-like.

Click on one of their names, in the dropdown menu or below, to find out more about them!

Asthenia Pinazzo
Catalina Staheli
Ember Adored
Kitty O’Toole
Lucie Bluebird
Katya Valeska (honorable member)
Kaelyn Alecto
Lainey Thorne
Sasy Scarborough

[SLBloggerSupport] Team meeting

3 Comments on “The [SL] Support Team

  1. You all look so worn out in your photo, haha. Guess it reflects well with all your work on the backlog.

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