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Catalina Staheli has been a part of this wacky world called Second Life since May 18, 2007. Over the past nine years, she’s explored a wide range of interests in SL and at this point, those interests include:



Role Playing



Catalina has been blogging for the past two years and she loves how she can combine her different interests together into the fun adventure it has become! Photography is her passion and she enjoys how SL gives her the freedom to learn and grow as a photographer and a digital artist.JESS

Being a part of SL Blogger Support has been an incredible experience. It was the first blogger group Catalina joined and it has been such an amazing group of supportive friends and new acquaintances. Any questions asked always receive helpful responses and it is an honor and a privilege to be able to help as part of the SL Blogger Support Team.

Catalina is also a professional model and has worked for some wonderful agencies in Second Life. Currently, she works as an instore model and teacher for Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry, teaching clases on tips and tricks for bloggers and models to take better pictures. She also works as the blogger manager for Ghee and is currently a blogger for Enchantment.

You can also find Catalina also working with Relay for Life, as both a member of the 2015-2016 Committee and a captain of a new team, A Stand for Hope. She is the Why Do You Relay photographer and organizer and co-builder of the Hope Exhibition, featuring survivors and caregivers.

In Catalina’s 1st Life, she isa Special Education teacher, working with grades PreK-6 in the remote regions of Alaska, where she lives above the Arctic Circle, in a tiny village with no more than 500 people total.

She has her Masters degree in Education and am currently pursing her dream of a PhD in Curriculum & Instruction.

Oil Painting

Sunset in Kotzebue, An oil painting done by Catalina Staheli (RL)

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