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I entered the world of Second Life in 2006… The first full day I ended up modeling for a Transylvanian street market merchant. The second day I started working on a sim managing their mall and filling it with stores. I have not stopped working in SL in one way or another since. I did not start blogging straight away, but my 37K inventory by the time I did start, was a good jumping off point. I sometimes posted a few times a day, that was not such a bad thing (according to others) back then, as people were hungry for content, and timezones being so different, it meant there was always someone new to cater to. It was exciting, and I never imagined the experiences that I would have because of it. I originally blogged on a collaborative blog Appearance Mode and then branched out on my own and started Scarborough Flair which then became Sasypants.

Lady be Lucky

In RL I have had over 20 years of Retail Management and Hospitality experience, as well as owning my own businesses. Once I got the lay of the land I realised that in Second Life there was definitely a need for people like me, not being able to at the time create, but being able to add to Second Life in other ways. I had really felt that I wanted to do that, it was so important to me to give back, to share tips and tricks I myself learned along the way, to give readers some insight into Second Life they may not have time to get to on their own. I love to share my interpretation of how items should go together, I love being able to construct a look that even the creator of the items may not have thought of. I love to open that window for customers to see into and maybe imagine what they can also do with an item further than what may have been portrayed in the ad, and by doing so, may give that item a new home, when it may have been overlooked otherwise.

Ride your Pony

In my time in Second Life I have done event planning, store management, designer reboots, owned a sim (The Deck), organised charity events such as Wheelies, Another Fundraiser and am part of the fantastic team at Hair Fair, an annual event in which we raise money for Wigs for Kids each year. I also own What’s New SL Group for store release information from hundreds of stores in Second Life. I do a lot of behind the scenes work with creators, and that stays behind the scenes, it is much better to be back there helping things run smoothly. I also create for my brand Flair and work in collaboration with Whimsy Winx in our store Winx & Flair.

Heckroth 4


I just recently was honored to be added to the SL Bloggers Support team, which is of course why you are here reading this. I love our community, bloggers, creators and all Residents from all communities within the grid. We are an incredible grouping of people, and I am so enriched because of it. I hope to really add to SLBS in a way that helps those that seek it, and am way more approachable than people seem to think, just throw me an IM if needed, and you will see.

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