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I was going to blog this on my blog, but I decided really that this was meant more for the community. As you all know, a member of the creator community has been having some legal issues in regards to her brand being DMCA’ed by another following creator in-world.

Gala Phoenix, owner of Curio and her statement: Posted Here

Curio’s Gala Phoenix is currently in the midst of legal issues which have resulted in her content being removed from the grid, pending the outcome of her legal battle. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) process in Second Life requires that when there is legal action taken against your content, Linden Lab will remove it from the grid until a ruling is made. Gala’s fellow content creators have come together to host a fundraiser to help with the enormous amount of legal fees she will have to bare in order to fight these baseless claims.

The fundraiser will be held from July 9-15, with a blogger preview on July 8th.

Some participants include Flowey, BareRose, Black Lace, Belleza, Ingenue, Laq, Luck Inc, One Bad Pixel, Gos, Truth, Bent, Fawn, Cupcake, evolve, Glam Affair, ely, Lassitude & Ennui, Zanzibar, Adorkable, Ikon, League and many more.

This fundraiser is not only to help Gala Phoenix, but to also take a stand for the community of content creators, for many of whom SL is their main source of income. This could happen to any one of us, and it’s necessary that we stand up and fight back to ensure that it doesn’t.

Please contact Sophia Harlow or OMGWTF Barbecue if you’d like to participate as a content creator or blogger, and join the inworld group One Voice for updates and the LM when we open!

In-World Group to Join: Join Here

Also, tomorrow (Saturday) at 2pmslt Vaki will be discussing a new series of legal discussions for SL Residents HERE. All can attend.

Should there be proper etiquette for designer’s managers?

I decided to write a post regarding the proper etiquette of a designer’s ‘blogroll manager’. Or, if in fact, we should write a guide on how one should treat their bloggers and what they should expect from them? I was recently approached by a designer’s blogroll manager and asked to join their blogger’s group. Now, I had warned this person in advance that I am really behind and would not be able to blog this designer’s item anytime soon. After much forewarning to a manager with a seriously pushy attitude (this should have a been a HUGE warning sign), I agreed that I would try to post something for them in next  7-10 days. Granted, this would not be feature post, but just another item in the mix. A few days after she had initially contacted me, I was asked “why” I haven’t blogged anything from this group. Now, did this person just ignore everything I had told her? I reiterated our previous conversation and also the fact that I did not ask to blog this product! Like I had mentioned, she contacted me. I always like to promote new designers and give them exposure, but this was ridiculous. I did not want to be a part of a group that expected me to post for them almost every day! I have met so many wonderful designers, as well as their hard-working managers, and have NEVER had this experience! Most designers I have dealt with have been very understanding and never had such expectations. Now, if I had asked for their creations, this would be a whole other story. I also understand when a designer drops me from their group/list, for the purpose of having not blogged their creations for some time. I am manager for a designer too, so I can see this issue from both sides.

Personally, I have worked very hard to get to where I am in SL blogosphere. And it is not very far! LOL!  I appreciate and am always deeply flattered when any designer decides to send to me their creations. I would love to blog all of it! I do not take anyone’s generosity for granted! I can’t even begin to understand just how hard designers work and to earn a living in this unstable economy.I also have a great respect for all the content creators who have made SL what it is. Unfortunately, I have not been well lately and have had a lot of technical issues with SL too. So, I had to take a small break from posting. The workload does pile-up FAST! Now that I am back and trying to catch-up, it is much more work than ever!  And, once again, most designers/managers understand this! I take a lot of pride in my posts and put a lot of time and effort into them. The main questions are: Do you want quantity of quality? Do you listen to a blogger’s needs when you are approaching them? What do you expect from your bloggers, if you are designer or designer’s manager?  Am I wrong to feel this way?  Should we create a ‘Etiguette Guide’ for designer’s managers and blogroll managers?

I hope this post is not taken the wrong way, but I feel this is something that many bloggers have had on their mind…  And, once again, I am so grateful to all who support and consider me to represent their creations….


Yes – that would be the typical opening of anyone greeting a person for the first time. Hiya! Welcome to our little blog. Here we hope to utilize all that blogger’s in Second Life will need  for their own blogging purposes. In here you’ll find tutorials, locations to great sims and even a shopping list. Not to mention if one is looking to apply for an event or to blog for a designer.

Stay tuned!

If you have any questions or ideas for [SL] Blogger Support and the blog, please contact any of the Support Team! We’d be happy to help and take ideas. Because really – we’re all here to help each other. ❤