Blogger Challenges


This is a list of all blogger-related challenges in and about Second Life. Primarily fashion-related, but some will host different ideas as well. The link for this document that is available for viewing is here: Second Life Blogger Challenges & Contests

To enter a new challenge or contest, please fill out the form –> HERE

Any questions, please ask anyone on the [SL] Blogger Support Team.

10 Comments on “Blogger Challenges

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  9. HI Everyone I was wondering if any of you fellow bloggers would like to try a 100$L challenge? We can have the month of November to post our “100L$ what we’re wearing” and post where we got each item with link and details of each item if group gift is used please state if there is a group join fee and if items are still available whether it be group gifts or gacha. I think it would be fantastic to see what everyone comes up!! Hope we get a lot of participants! 😀

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